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Most Connected Areas in CA | BroadbandSearch

Broadband Search brings you the top 10 connected cities in the state of California. These scores were averaged from a large amount of data and range from 0-100. They and indicate average internet speeds, accessibility, pricing, and customer reviews. The cities that received a scored closer to 100 have higher ratings in these areas.

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#1 Sacramento

Sacramento Internet ScoreSacramento, the capital city of California, has a Broadband score of 88. This score is about 31.5% higher than state average of 60. Providers in this area are able to offer 96% of customers internet speeds of at least 25 mbps and about the same amount of customers are able to receive speeds of at least 50 mbps. On average, there about 28 different providers in the area. Sacramentos score of 88 indicates they are able to offer customers wide spread coverage, affordable options, good speeds, and positive customer reviews.

Sacramento is located in Sacramento County along with several other cities including, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, and Mather. Citrus Heights has the best availability in the area with state rank of 27 and a national rank of 384.

#2 Davis

Davis Internet ScoreDavis received the third highest Broadband score of 87 in California, which is about 30.5% better than the state average of 60. Davis is located in Yolo County and has about 25 different providers in the area. These providers are able to give customers plenty of coverage and budget friendly package. 87% percent of residents in Yolo County have access to least 25mbps and 33% can get at least 50mbps.

There are several other towns located in the county that have a Broadband score of 87 including, Dunnigan, El Macero, Esparto, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland. Many of these towns are located less than 25 miles outside the capital of Sacramento.

#3 Sacramento County

Sacramento County Internet ScoreIn Sacramento County, 5 cities received a Broadband score of 87.5, ranking number 3 for most connected areas in the state of California. Courtland, Hood, Isleton, Represa, and Ryde are all little towns located in Sacramento County but still scored less than a point away from the state capital. This score is 30.3% over state average score of 60.9.

68% of residents in Isleton, one of the smallest cities in Sacramento County, have access to broadband connection and can access fast speeds of up to 41 mbps. Although this falls below the state average, a score of 87 is still very high and indicates residents expect good quality in terms of consistent connection, fast speeds, competitive pricing and good reviews.

#4 Yolo County

Yolo County Internet ScoreNine cities smaller cities located in Yolo County have a Broadband score of 86.5. This score is 29.5% above the aggregate state average Broadband score of 60.9 and means residents have access to reliable coverage, multiple options for providers, budget friendly packages, and the best customer reviews.

Throughout the county, 87% of residents are able to receive download speeds of up to 25 mbps and 33% can access 50 mbps, but almost zero are able to connect with 1 gbps. The cities located in this area have an astounding 24 different options for service providers; 13 fiver, 9 wireless, 5 copper, and 7 DSL.

#5 Auburn

Auburn Internet ScorePlacer County's seat city, Auburn, received a Broadband score of 85.9. 14 other cities in the County share this score, including Loomis, Lincoln, and Roseville. A score of 85.9 is fairly high, about 29% better than the state average, and means residents are able to access fast internet with reliable coverage.

68% of the residents in Auburn, Roseville, Lincoln, and Loomis are able to connect to the internet and the average download speeds in these areas is 11 mbps. Roseville is ranked number 57 in the state and 414 in the nation for their percentage of residents connected to the internet.

#6 Placer County

Placer County Internet ScoreTen smaller towns in Placer County received a Broadband score of 84.5, less than a point away from the larger cities located in the county. Some of these small towns include, Alta, Colfax, Foresthill, Homewood, Olympic Valley, and Weimar.

About 86% of residents in Placer County have access to speeds of 25 mbps and almost 39% download videos and images at 50 mbps. The residents are not able to connect at speeds of 1 gbps, which is a common thing in across the state of California.

#7 San Jose

Santa Clara County Internet ScoreSanta Clara County, which partially is considered Silicon Valley, is often called the technological hub world and home to some of the largest high-tech companies. 16 cities received a Broadband score of 83.3, ranking them number 7 in California. That is almost 27% more than the state average. One of them is the top populated city of San Jose, and also Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Palo Alto, and Mountain View.

Residents of San Jose are able to surf the internet at blazing fast speeds, with the average residents having access to download speeds of up to 82 Mbps with Broadband. In general, 95% of residents in Santa Clara County are able to download games and other things at speeds of 50 mbps.

#8 Fairfield

Fairfield Internet ScoreWith a Broadband score of 82.6, residents in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, and Vallejo will have no trouble connecting to the internet. Although not a city in Solano County, Travis Air Force Base also received the same score. A score of 82.6 means residents are able to browse the internet at fast speeds, have reliable coverage, plenty of affordable plans, and top rated service. They also have 21 options for providers, nine fiber, seven DSL, and eight wireless.

68% of the residents in these areas are able to connect to the internet, with Vallejo being the most accessible city. Vallejo was ranked number 28 in California for availability and 385 in the nation.

#9 Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County Internet ScoreAlviso, Coyote, Holy City, New Almaden, and Redwood Estates are all small towns located in the large county of Santa Clara. These five cities all received a Broadband score of 81.9, which is 25.6% above the state average. A score above 80 indicates that residents will have good internet speeds, coverage, plan options, and customer reviews.

There are a total of 18 providers in the area. On average 95% of customers in Santa Clara County have access to internet speeds of both 25 mbps and 50 mbps.

#10 Solano County

Solana County Internet ScoreThree small cities, Birds Landing, Elmira, and Rio Vista, all received a Broadband score of 81.2. These cities are located in Solano County, with the largest one being Rio Vista. 68% of residents are able to connect to the internet, meaning about 5000 of their 7000 residents have at least one internet connection at home or at the office.

Residents in Rio Vista are able to surf the internet at 26 mbps. This is comparable to the county as a whole where 88% of residents have access to download speeds of 25 mbps.