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Most Connected Areas in NY | BroadbandSearch

Broadband Search consolidated and averaged out numbers to bring you one, easy-to-understand Broadband score. These scores range from 0-100 and indicate average internet speeds, accessibility, pricing, and customer reviews. The cities that receive a score closer to 100 rank more positively in these areas. Listed below are the top 9 cities and counties in the state of New York.

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#1 (81.6 New York City)

New York City Internet ScoreNew York City's Broadband score of 81.6 is the highest of all average scores in the state. A Broadband Score of 81.6 is an impressive 49.2% above the states average score of 41.5. In NYC, 99% of residents can access speeds of at least 25 mbps and almost 20% have access to speeds up to 1 gbps thanks to the wide variety of internet providers; 18 service providers in total. A score of 81.6 also signals strong customer reviews for the many available options.

The Big Apple is ranked #1 for most connected city in New York and #304 for most connected city in the US. Although NYC is the only city in New York with a Broadband score above 80, other highly ranked areas are not far away. Counties like Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess all have average Broadband scores over 75.

#2 (79.8 Dutchess County)

Dutchess Internet ScoreDutchess County contains 15 cities that are 48% above the state average, all receiving scores of 79.8. Major Cities such as Poughkeepsie, Red Hook, and Hyde Park are very accessible, meaning it is fairly easy to connect to the internet. Various providers offer Internet service via fiber optics, cable, satellite and DSL. A Broadband score just shy of 80 also indicates competitive rates for service providers.

Dutchess County is located in the southeastern portion of New York about halfway between Albany and New York City. Once agricultural and now primarily residential, many of the county's residents work in NYC- the most connected area in the state with a Broadband score of 81.6.

#3 (77.1 Westchester County)

Westchester Internet ScoreWestchester County is well connected, with its cities receiving an average Broadband score of 77.1. This implies considerable coverage throughout the area and a variety of options for network providers. Some offer 101 mbps speed and over 1 million hotspots in public places. A higher Broadband score also means customers can shop by prices and customer reviews.

New Rochelle, White Plains, Rye, Mt. Vernon and Yonkers are located within 25 miles of each other and of New York City. New Rochelle is the second most connected city in the state behind New York City. Though farther from the metropolitan area, the city of Peekskill and 56 other towns and villages throughout Westchester, also share a Broadband score of 77.1 which is 46% higher than the states average.

#4 (75.8 Putnam County)

Putnam Internet ScoreNine cities in Putnam County have a Broadband score of 75.8. This score is 45% above the aggregate state average Broadband score of 41.5. A healthy score above 75 means residents are able to receive reliable coverage from competitive service providers. Throughout the county the average upload speed is 32 Mbps and the average download speed is 54 Mbps.

Carmel, the biggest city in Putnam County, contains the suburbs of Mahopac and Mahopac Falls. Six companies offer fiber to home connection in this region. Garrison shares the 75.8 Broadband score but only half of its population can hook up to fiber optics. Brewster, the most connected city in the county, is able to offer 100% of the populace an option of two or more Internet providers. The much smaller Cold Spring area offers Internet service to 100% of the populace but only through four wired providers.

#5 (74.8 Orleans County)

Orleans Internet ScoreA Broadband score of 74.8 is shared by ten cities in Orleans County, New York and Kent in Putnam County. Reflecting a combination of availability penetration and quality of connection, a Broadband score of 74.8 is well above the state average of 41.5. A score above 70 generally means that Internet connection is available to most residents from a choice of reputable service providers backed by consumer reviews.

Upstate New York has made a significant effort to ensure internet connectivity to its residents. The first of its kind initiative, NORA, was formed by the Niagara and Orleans counties in response to increasing losses in business and economic opportunities due to poor or non-existent access. Effectively, broadband coverage in these cities has surged and the average score is top among New York's most connected metropolitan areas.

#6 (43.3 Onondaga County)

Onondaga Internet ScoreInternet access in areas with a score of 43.3 can be hit or miss. 4% above the states average Broadband score indicates average internet access at average speeds. While residents have choices for service providers they have fewer choices than do residents in areas with higher Broadband scores. Fiber to the home may or may not be available as an alternative to cable, DSL and other connections throughout Onondaga.

Of the 30 cities sharing this Broadband score in Onondaga County, Syracuse is the largest. There are 15 options for internet providers and eight options for fiber optics. The same competitive market exists for Clay, the second largest. Smaller cities like Liverpool and Elbridge have only four providers to choose from but most residents have access to at least 25 mbps speeds. Countywide, only 11% have access to 1 gbps speeds.

#7 (42.8 Brooklyn)

Brooklyn Internet ScoreWith a Broadband score of 42.8, connecting to the internet can be slightly more difficult. This score is 3% above New York states average of 41.5. A middle of the road score indicates limited coverage, average speeds, less options for service providers, and fewer positive customer reviews.

Most providers in Brooklyn offer speeds of at least 50 mbps, but a 42.8 Broadband score indicates that speed and access can vary greatly. As one of the the largest media market in the U.S., residents in Brooklyn depend on reliable internet connections. Despite provider competition, improved bandwidth, and extensive miles of fiber, Brooklyns score is far from superior when compared to New York Citys top-ranking Broadband score 81.6.

#8 (42.9 Oneida County)

Oneida Internet ScoreIn Oneida County, 48 cities hold a Broadband score of 42.9, ranking #8 for most connected areas in the state of New York. This score is 2.8% over state average indicating residents expect average quality in terms of consistent connection, fast speeds, competitive pricing and good reviews.

70% of residents have access to broadband connection in Oneida's biggest cities. This falls below the states average of 80%. In Utica, the largest city, speeds are well below national average with wireless downloads of about 1.3 Mbps compared with the nation's 2.1 Mbps. Utica is less than 60 miles from Syracuse, ranked #6 for most connected. They share nearly identical Broadband scores, have 15 internet providers and access to fiber optics.

#9 (41.6 Queens County)

Queens Internet ScoreInternet connectivity in areas with a Broadband score of 41.6 is unpredictable. There are 40 areas in Queens County with the same score, which is 0.3% over the average score New York state. It suggests decent access to wireless internet technology such as cable, DSL and fiber. Consistency, affordability, and good feedback are a hit or miss.

Don't expect lightning fast speeds in home neighborhoods throughout Queens. Less than 2% of residents have access to 1 gbps speeds. However, the marketing is growing and becoming more appealing for small businesses. They will be able to compare providers for attractive offers that include reliable fiber and custom packages.