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The Broadband Search Affiliate Program

Affiliate Partners of BroadbandSearch can receive a wide variety of benefits from the company, but most importantly, they get to use our tools and information. At BroadbandSearch, our mission is to make the process of shopping for and comparing internet providers and plans easier for the consumer while, at the same time, educating them. One of the main downfalls of the telecommunications industry, specifically with cable providers, is the lack of information provided and clarity of fees and plans.

BroadbandSearch has helped clear some of the confusion up by providing its users with features such as the Broadband Score, Broadband Nutrition Labels and of course, our Internet Provider Database. We even point out all the "fine print" contained within the subscriber agreements of all large providers.

What Do Our Affiliates Get?

Access to Our Internet Provider Database

We will create a tool that looks great (integrates into your site's existing design) and is functionally helpful for your site's users. This tool will show your users the amount of providers in the area, the area's Broadband Score and of course the providers who offer service in the selected area. This tool is extra helpful to users searching for Real Estate (both residential and commercial), Rental Homes & Apartments and Storage Facilities. This tool gives the user the ability to find an internet provider and/or plan without ever leaving your website!

Broadband Scores for Areas

Similar to a WalkScore, the development team at BroadbandSearch was able to melt down everything you need to know about the level of internet connectivity service in your area into one defining number. With scores varying from 0 to 100 (100 being the best) you will be able to have an idea of what the internet service options and speeds in any corner of the country look like without moving there first. This tool can be extremely helpful for users looking to move. Today, knowing the internet connectivity of your future home is just as important as knowing which schools are in the area or knowing how safe the area is. With so much of our lives fulfilled with technology it is much better to have knowledge of your future home's internet capability prior to moving rather than being surprised after your big purchase!

Guest Posting and Digital Marketing

For our affiliates, we allow your company to publish Guest Posts each week on our company blog which can be related to anything in your niche or ours and can contain links back to relative pages on your site and/or other sites that you may find interesting. In addition to allowing guest posts, our team of Digital Marketers will assist you in expanding your personal content's reach through our many relationships with high profile editorial sites and on social networks.

Do you Offer PREMIUM Affiliate Services? Yes.


Today, every company is looking for the leg up on the competition and it is no different with online databases like Rental and Real Estate sites. By adding the BroadbandSearch Tool to your site, you may be able to offer your users something that no other site in your industry has access to. With this exclusivity clause, you will have a new, unique feature that will keep users coming back to your site instead of others. Speak to a BroadbandSearch marketing consultant to find out if your niche is still open for exclusivity.

PREMIUM SERVICE: Tracking Pixels (Pixel Advertising)

You know how if you are shopping for shoes online, it seems like after that everywhere you go on the web you are seeing shoe advertisements? Well, that is called Pixel Advertising and this is a very effective advertising strategy on the internet. This gives you the ability to attract repeat customers who you already know are interested in the services that your site provides. How would you like it if you could send out ongoing digital advertisement to every visitor at Talk to a BroadbandSearch marketing consultant today about our Pixel Advertising program.

What is the Cost?

It's simple. There is no cost to become a marketing affiliate partner of BroadbandSearch. But didn't your mother ever tell you, "there's no such thing as a free lunch!" Well, your mom is sort of right (like always). In return for what we offer to our affiliates in terms of tools and information, we simply ask that you allow a resource link back to our site on any of the pages that use our tools.

Please direct all emails of interest to: or Call our Affiliate Director at 866-636-7167.