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4 Major Tech Trends in 2017

4 Major Tech Trends in 2017

Posted under: Technology

In the year 2016, we saw many advancements across multiple technology fields including virtual reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) in the home. These areas are expected to continue grow rapidly in 2017 and are great tools to utilize daily. 2017 will also be a year for increased efficiency due to automation and the continued rise of smartphones. Broadband search brings you a look at these 4 tech trends and how they are expected to you impact you as a consumer, entrepreneur, and business owner.

Smart Home

Evolving Smart Homes

The Internet of Things is not a new concept in the world of technology. There are multiple smart products on the market that allow for a consumer to use the internet for everything from cooking and cleaning to turning lights on and off. Many people are wondering why we do not have totally connected homes. The main issues arises because the products currently available are competing against one another instead of collaborating. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple already have the ability to seamlessly connect user experiences. 2017 seems like a prime year for them to continue their development in the area of IoT.

Virtual Reality

Continued use of virtual reality

Virtual reality burst onto the scene in 2016. When most people think of VR, they immediately picture gamers but it can be utilized for so much more. For example, the NFL utilizes VR to allow players visualize 360-degree images of the game. They can practice new moves and plays without the risk of injury. This same idea will hopefully be put into place for more sports in the coming year. Also, VR has been popular for patients in Hospitals in Australia. The limits of VR will continue to be pushed in 2017 and are sure to reach new heights.

Job Automation

More Automation

Automation of jobs has become a hot topic as of late. Computers are able to work extremely efficiently and produce work on a level greater than humans. Many people worry that their jobs will become obsolete but in reality machines will help humans work better. Naturally, robots will replace some jobs in the future but 2017 will see a growth in robots working alongside humans to solve problems.

Smart Phones

Smartphones with even greater capability

2016 was a lackluster year for cellphones to say the least. The release of the less than amazing Apple iphone 7 coupled with the Samsung exploding phone was not the direction most people saw smartphones going. There has been an overall lack of innovation in smartphone design in almost a decade. While this has been helpful for smaller cell phone companies, larger ones have suffered. 2017 will be a great year for companies like Apple and Samsung to introduce new designs and amazing features. This innovation comes at a time when many consumer companies such as healthcare and retail use phone apps to reach their customers.

Technology continues to grow and evolve each year. Companies learn from their past mistakes and look to move forward. 2017 will be a year of new innovations as well as revamped ones.

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