What You Need to Know About Moving to California

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California is a dream location to move to for many people. The climate, the beaches, the lifestyle and more appeal to a wide variety of people. Whether you are looking for big cities, small towns, the desert, the beach, mountains or farmland, California has a hometown that is perfect for you. With approximately 40 million residents, it is the most populated state in the country, and has much to offer. Whether you chose to live in one of its well-known bigger cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco or Sacramento, or in one of the many small towns will determine what type of California experience you will have.

  • There is a significant time zone difference between California and much of the rest of the country's population. Because of this many work schedules start very early to better match up with East Coasters.
  • If you are an outdoors lover, California is great for you. It has the highest mountain and the lowest point in the continental US, the most expansive cavern system, National Parks, amazing beaches and deserts.
  • Wine is a big deal in CA, with over 17 million gallons being produced here annually.
  • Generally the California economy is very strong, so you can expect exciting job opportunities and great pay in major metropolitan areas. However, the cost of living, especially in cities, is also high, so that paycheck is very much a necessity. Expect everything to cost more.
  • There are a variety of California foods that are must-haves: In-n-Out Burgers, Mexican food, fresh produce, avocados, and juicing.
  • Professional sports are big in southern California, with all the major sports leagues represented.
  • Healthy living is a priority throughout the state. Californians spend a lot of time working out, and it's rare to see people smoking.
  • Heavy traffic, especially in Southern California, is the norm. Plan extra time to get everywhere.
  • Learning Spanish is an asset. There are many native Spanish speakers in California and speaking the language is helpful from a work and everyday life point of view.
  • Taxation and legislation in California are very high.
  • The attitude of Californians is very laid back, and this shows itself in the laid back guidelines you find for dress at most Californian workplaces.

As you prepare to move, take the time to do your homework about the city or town you plan to move to. Does it offer the things you are looking for? Does your new address have good home services available? Some online research can answer these and other questions. Seek out information on the town you plan to move to. Online search tools that use your zip code can provide you with an accurate and complete listing of services available where you live, such as Internet providers, TV and phone service. Doing this type of research will help you get on track to choose the right new home in California, so you are happy in your new home.