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What You Need To Know About Moving to New Hampshire

What You Need To Know About Moving to New Hampshire

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Considering moving to New Hampshire? This state has practically something for everyone- that is, if you like snow. Southern New Hampshire is densely populated, full of amenities, close to the ocean, and a favorite suburb of Boston. Mountainous northern New Hampshire is much more sparsely populated. It offers small town living at its best, with a plethora of outdoor sports to enjoy. Yet, what to expect from life in the Granite State is very different depending on what part of the state you choose to call home.

The Advantages of Living in New Hampshire

There are amazing advantages to living in New Hampshire. The state motto is "Live Free or Die" is taken seriously, and the result is a haven for those who prefer to live without an abundance of government interference. Some of the most popular advantages to living here include:

  • No state income tax.
  • No sales tax.
  • Minimally restrictive gun laws.
  • No requirements for motorcyclists to wear helmets.
  • No mandatory seat belt laws for adults.
  • No mandatory automobile liability insurance.
  • Exceptional support of small businesses. In addition, it is an incredibly safe place to live, with a crime rate 50% lower than the rest of the nation.

Cost of Living

Housing in New Hampshire is very affordable, and there is good availability of homes for sale. Overall the cost of houses in New Hampshire is higher than the national average. However, depending on where you are moving from the cost can be significantly lower, especially if you are coming from a major metropolitan area. And of course, where you live in the state greatly impacts the cost of homes - with homes in the south where most of its population lives being much higher than the smaller communities farther north.

The state has the highest median household income in the country - over $71,000 annually, and excellent job markets. It is the cheapest place nationwide to own an automobile. The metropolitan area of Manchester- Nashua is considered the cheapest place in the country to live, according to Forbes magazine.

Culture, Entertainment and Activities

There is much to do in New Hampshire. The state has its own symphony, one of the nation's longest running summer theaters, festivals, fairs, and a variety of entertainment venues. Its rich natural resources provide exciting outdoor activities of all types year round. The White Mountains offer impressive hiking in 3 seasons and some of the country's best skiing all winter long. Its rivers provide impressive fishing opportunities and thrilling white water rafting. The Lakes Region is a popular summer destination for vacationers and summer camps. Because of its proximity to Boston, southern New Hampshire residents also enjoy all the cultural advantages of a major metropolitan area without the high cost and inconvenience of urban living.

Home Services

The majority of New Hampshire residents have easy access to high speed wired and/or wireless Internet access. This is surprising in a state that has large areas that are sparsely inhabited. Yet even in most small communities access to broadband Internet is a reality. Less than 5% of the population is considered to be in an under-served area. But amongst those who are, satellite Internet makes an excellent option for access to fast Internet. Whether you are in an area with a variety of options or one with few options, the best way to find the right Internet and TV services for your home is by using an online ZIP code search tool to uncover every provider serving your new address.

While New Hampshire is an awesome place to live, especially if you're coming from the south, expect the adaptation to real winter to take a while. You'll need to acquire new skills, like driving in snow and ice. Winter is much more than softly falling flakes, especially when it can be harsh for months at a time. Be prepared for some of the most extreme weather in the nation when you choose to move to New Hampshire.

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