What You Need To Know About Moving to Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of communities to choose from if you are looking to take up residence there. Big cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offer an urban existence for those who appreciate the fast life. For those who want small town living, there are endless smaller communities throughout the state, as well as quite a few mid-sized municipalities too. The second oldest state in the country, Pennsylvania offers deep rooted history that any American can appreciate, in addition to its variety of lifestyles to choose from.

One of the interesting things about the state is that it's only town is Bloomsburg. All other communities are boroughs, townships, and cities. Centrally located, you can drive to major centers like Washington D.C. and New York in a matter of hours. The state attracts its own major influx of visitors to see the Amish, the Liberty Bell and Gettysburg, amongst other tourist destinations.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pennsylvania fluctuates depending on where you live. Smaller towns in rural areas offer great deals on homes, while more densely populated areas have much more costly home prices. The reality is that Pennsylvania enjoyed a bustling economy when industries like steel and manufacturing were in high demand. Today the drop in jobs has led to lower housing prices.

Outdoor Activities and Culture

Pennsylvania fully gets 4 seasons and each has its own special activities. Residents there enjoy a variety of activities and feel connected to the land and nature. Farmer's markets abound. If you plan to live there though, be prepared for some major winter weather. The state is also home to multiple professional sports teams, which are very popular. Avid hockey, football and baseball fans thrill to watch live games.

Home Services

In Pennsylvania the options available to you for high speed Internet and TV services can vary greatly. Large urban areas offer super fast fiber, cable and other types of Internet, as well as a rich variety of cable programming. Rural areas, depending on location and the size of the community, can be dependent on satellite technology for the best in Internet and home TV service. For any town you are considering moving to, you can scope out the home service choices in advance with an online search tool that lets you research by zip code.

Pennsylvania has rich farmland and stretches of greenery as far as the eye can see in the rural parts of the state. In the big cities of Pennsylvania you get a mixture of old and new architecture, showing both the history of the area and marking its progressiveness. Even in smaller communities, you see a mixture of worlds with the traditional Amish living and working alongside modern homes and farms.

Residents of PA tend to be in touch with their history, both personally and as a nation. If you are looking for a community with ties and reasonable costs of living, Pennsylvania is definitely worth investigating.