What You Need to Know About Moving to Texas

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There's nothing more exciting than the thought of moving to Texas. You will find huge cities, coastal communities, small towns, and even ghost towns. Completely unlike any other state, there are deserts, tumbleweeds, seaside towns, snow, mountains, waterfalls, canyons, rivers, oil barons, and cowboys. Yet, the Lone Star state requires more than a cowboy hat and boots. Before you make the move, be sure you know a little about what to expect.

  • Be prepared to drive. The second largest state in the nation, Texas is huge and incredibly spread out. A day trip will most likely mean you are still in Texas.
  • Extreme weather is to be expected. Texas gets hurricanes, snowstorms, dust storms, heatwaves, and tornadoes. In fact it gets more tornadoes than any other state on average each year.
  • Pretty much everyone carries a gun because gun laws in the state make it easy and accessible to have one.
  • Pickup trucks are a staple.
  • Rattlesnakes, horses, and cows are a passion of many Texans, as is high school football.
  • Art and culture is rich throughout the state. Austin is known as being the Live Music Capital of the World. Art galleries abound, especially in the larger cities. Festivals and fairs are a constant.
  • For those interested in space exploration, Houston has much to offer, being home to Nasa.
  • History buffs will enjoy the rich history spanning from the days of Native American tribes being the only people in the area through the 6 different nations that each claimed Texas as their own at one point or another and beyond.
  • Sports is a big deal in Texas, with pro football, baseball, basketball, hockey and other teams, as well as college and semi-pro teams.
  • The influence of its neighbors to the south can be found in everything from town names to food. Texans love their Tex-Mex. And the closer you are to the border, the more important it is to learn the state's second (unofficial) language.
  • The employment rate in Texas is very low compared to many other parts of the United States. The economy enjoys a significant showing from natural resources, computers and electronics, biomedical sciences, energy, technology, and more.
  • Housing prices are extremely affordable, even in urban parts of the state. But rural parts of the state offer real bargains on land.
  • As you search for your new home in Texas, it is important to know the services available at an address before you buy. Web based search tools allow you to quickly and easily search for the Internet, TV and phone options available, using just the zip code. Anyone who prioritizes fast Internet connection will love the convenience of knowing up front which providers and which speeds are available for the potential home.
While everything may be bigger in Texas, luckily you can enjoy it without a big cost of living. The Friendship State awaits you with lots of adventure, activity, and fun, without breaking the bank!