What You Need to Know About Moving to Virginia

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In a state that has the slogan 'Virginia is for Lovers', there is something that practically everyone will love. Beach towns, busy suburbs, big cities, small mountain towns and more are amongst your choices when moving to Virginia. Yet, there are many important things that you need to know before you move.

  • Alexandria and other cities close to DC are ideal locations for those working in the nation's capital. Their proximity makes commuting convenient and is less costly than living in DC itself. However, the reality is that they make up part of the metropolitan DC area and as such, cost of living ' especially housing ' is still amongst some of the highest in the nation.
  • The state's biggest cities are along the coast. Coastal living is exciting, but you should expect to pay more the closer you live to the ocean.
  • The Appalachians, Blue Ridge Mountains, Southwest Mountains and other mountain ranges throughout the state include some of the best hiking, skiing, and outdoor recreation opportunities in the nation. Most people who live in the state enjoy outdoor activity of some sort.
  • No matter where you live in Virginia, the mountains are nearby with amazing scenery and impressive views. Because it does have 4 distinct seasons, you will enjoy the charm of the mountains in every season.
  • Some of the typically Virginia foods that you need to learn to love include peanuts, oysters, crabs, fried pies, rabbit, sweet tea, and ham.
  • The military presence is huge in Virginia with many of its largest cities being home to Army, Navy and Air Force installations. In fact, in many places it seems like everyone is a military family.
  • While pro sports are not huge in Virginia, college sports are very popular. Practically everyone roots for either Virginia Tech or the University of Virginia. Pick your side early.
  • While Virginia is definitely in the south, much of it still gets snow and sometimes a lot of it. Like most southern states, most parts of the state are not well 'equipped to deal with it, which means that towns and cities can be almost paralyzed by winter weather. No matter where you live in Virginia, be sure you have the basics for handling winter weather.
  • Virginia is rich with festivals and culture, and takes its history seriously.
  • The state has an array of excellent job opportunities.
  • Many options for rural living abound throughout the state. If you are looking to get away from busy, urban areas, there are many small towns that are just perfect.
  • Depending on the location and size of the town you are moving to, you will find that the options in home systems like high speed Internet, phone and TV are very different. Rural communities have much less choice in such services and slower Internet options than heavily populated urban communities. An online search using the zip code of your new town will help you discover your real options.

As you plan your move to Virginia, these tips should help. Good luck as you become a Virginian.