What You Need To Know About Moving to Georgia

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Georgia is a state with a variety of communities to choose from: historical, urban, small town, agricultural, and coastal. Southern coastal Georgia is flat and has a warm climate year-round. Northern Georgia with its Blue Ridge Mountains offers very different scenery and more variety in temperature. The state is also renowned for having great schools and much to offer families. If you are considering relocating to Georgia, there are some things you need to know.

Moving to Atlanta

If you are moving to the largest city in Georgia - Atlanta - or its suburbs, you are in for a treat. The city is surprisingly affordable, rich in culture, and boasts a pleasant climate usually. It is very affordable to travel to and from Atlanta as it is a hub for many airlines, and is home to the busiest airport in the world. However, it also has incredibly crowded roads and major traffic issues.

Weather Factors

When winter weather hits Georgia, and it does, pandemonium ensues. Officials call for a state of emergency at the first flake, and for good reason. Because snow is a rarity, the state is poorly prepared to handle it, unlike northern states that can spend up to half the year dealing with the white stuff. And ice storms tend to be especially problematic in northern Georgia. Residents there have poor winter driving skills, making travel of any kind treacherous. The farther north you are, the higher your risk of encountering snow and ice.


Georgia is rich in history and culture and offers its residents top notch education opportunities, a variety of museums, many entertainment venues, tourist attractions, parks, and professional sports teams. Regardless of how you want to spend your free time, Georgia provides indoor and outdoor opportunities to keep you happy.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Georgia is incredibly affordable. Even when you compare Atlanta to other cities of similar size, Atlanta is much less costly. Housing is more affordable than in other places. Even the cost of utilities can be much more competitive than in other states.

Home Services

Services for your home such as telephone, Internet and TV vary in price and choice depending on where you live in Georgia. Bigger urban areas have more providers and better service (faster speeds, more channels, and more choice). Rural areas often have only satellite Internet and TV as the fastest, most reliable option in home services. Many companies offer bundle packaging to help save you money. An online search tool can help you discover what's available in your new hometown.

Georgia is an exciting move. In your quest to prepare for your move, learn all you can about everything the Peach State has to offer you.