Verizon Internet Speed Test

One of the largest ISPs in the country, Verizon, has many customers like yourself that work with several different internet packages. This speed test helps those customers determine what speed they are getting and determine if they are getting what they were promised.

This information will mostly be looking at Verizon Fios, but other types of Verizon service holders should still perform a test and compare it to what they could be getting.

When performing the test, we recommend using a wired internet connection and trying to minimize other uses of the network as much as possible. We also recommend testing at several times over the course of the day to get a full picture of the service you are receiving.

Understanding Your Results

Download Speed

A measurement of how quickly you can download files and data online; this is the most important metric for most people when choosing an ISP and is how most ISPs advertise their plans. The higher the number, the better, and with a good download speed, you can easily have multiple users on the same network, download large files in seconds, and more.

Upload Speed

Your upload speed is a measurement of how quickly your connection can handle files being sent to another place online. With most service types, this will be much lower than your download speed, but you will not need those upload speeds unless you have unique circumstances.

Ping Rate/Latency

Your ping rate, otherwise known as latency, is a measurement of how quickly your device (over your connection) can send out a data packet to a server and receive a response. The average user should hope to have a ping rate of 100ms or less, while someone like an online gamer or anyone who wants to get lightning-fast responses online should consider something faster.

Cities that Have the Fastest Verizon Internet Connections

Verizon casts a wide service net over the country, and offers a variety of plans for people to choose from, but where does Verizon excel? The following is a list of cities and metro areas where Verizon offers its fastest plans and is a strong option.

Cities with Best Verizon Internet Speeds

Verizon's Advertised Speeds Versus Actual Speeds

This chart compares Verizon Internet's average actual speeds to the speeds they advertise with each of their more common plans. As you can tell, Verizon does a good job of keeping their promises, although your results may vary by being on an outlying edge of the data pool.

Verizon Advertised Speeds vs. Actual Speeds

What are top Verizon Internet customers getting for download speeds? This graph will show you the average speed of the top 10 percent of speeds tested over the last 12 months. There have been significant improvements over the last six or seven months, and we can only expect further improvements, despite the slight ups and downs.

Verizon Internet Fastest Download Speeds

This graph showcases overall average speeds from speed tests by Verizon customers over the last 12 months and showcases the improvements made in the last 12 months. Note that you will almost certainly have a different speed based on your plan than what's listed here.

Verizon Internet Average Download Speeds


How Fast Should Your Internet Be?

You should be getting speeds (assuming a wired connection and no interference or other heavy uses of the network) that are at least 80 percent of what was promised. If you regularly receive results that are less than this, you should investigate the issue or consider switching plans or providers.

How Fast Can You Expect WiFi Speeds to Be?

Barring complications due to equipment or signal interference, you should be getting at least 30-50 percent of promised speeds over a WiFi connection.

How Much Speed Does My Household Need?

Naturally, the exact number will be different for every household. A general rule of thumb is that every user needs at least 5-10Mbps to have anything resembling a normal online experience, and 25Mbps or higher is required to consistently do things like stream HD content and have multiple users at once.


Verizon Internet has many happy customers, but that does not mean you should not check your speed regularly to ensure you are getting what you are paying for. You deserve what you were promised (if not more), so we hope that this information and test helped you understand your situation.