Viasat Internet Speed Test

This speed test helps you determine the download and upload speeds you are getting from Viasat, one of the two major satellite internet providers operating in the United States. Performing this test regularly is important not only to know what you can and cannot easily do online with your connection but also to determine if you are getting everything you were promised when you signed up.

To use this test most effectively, we recommend directly connecting your device to the internet via an ethernet cable, and that you have few or no background processes running that may take up some of your network's bandwidth. Additionally, you should also perform several tests over the day to get a better understanding of your service (and this is especially important with a satellite internet provider).

Understanding Your Results

Download Speed

A measurement of how quickly you can download files and data from sources online, your download speed is perhaps the most important metric, the metric you were probably most interested in testing, and what ISPs will generally advertise their plans by. This number effectively determines how well you can stream content or handle a household with multiple users.

Upload Speed

Your upload speed is a measurement of how quickly your connection can send files elsewhere online. It is an important metric for gamers, remote workers who must send large files to clients or their workplace, and people who use video chat apps often. This number is commonly much lower than the download speed, and that is usually fine.

Ping Rate/Latency

This is a measurement of how long it takes your device on the network to send a data packet to a server and get a response. The average user should hope to get a ping rate of less than 100ms, and people who want no lag times should look for a time of less than 30ms.

Cities that Have the Fastest Viasat Internet Connections

Satellite internet is interesting because it is available nationwide, with few exceptions, and that the coverage depends far more on how well you can set up the receiver in your immediate area than what region you live in. Here are some of the cities that either have above average connections from Viasat or have a larger user base.

Cities with Best Viasat Internet Speeds

Fastest and Average Viasat Download Speeds

You can use this graph to see what the users getting the best service from Viasat are getting in terms of download speed, as measured from speed tests over the last 12 months. There are variances, but ultimately this showcases what is possible under optimal conditions.

Viasat Internet Fastest Download Speeds

You can use this graph to review the average download speed among all Viasat customers who have performed a speed test. It reviews the last 12 months, and as you can tell, there have been slight improvements over this period, although there are regular fluctuations, signifying you might experience the same.

Viasat Internet Average Download Speeds


How Fast Should Your Internet Be?

Your download speeds should regularly be at least 80 percent of the rates you were promised. However, satellite internet is fickle at best, so your results may vary.

How Fast Can You Expect WiFi Speeds to Be?

This number can change based on whether there might be interference with the network or what equipment you're using, but overall, you should be getting a download speed over WiFi that's 30-50 percent of what was advertised.

How Much Speed Does My Household Need?

The amount of speed your household needs depends on several factors, including how many users you have, what you plan on doing online, and how many background processes you run. In general, most users need at least 5-10 Mbps to avoid complete frustration, and 25 Mbps to keep up with modern uses such as HD streaming.

With satellite internet, you may have thought about or are dealing with this already, but your data cap for each month is important as well, as you may experience throttling or additional charges for going over it.


We hope that this test and information have allowed you to see what you're getting from Viasat in terms of internet service and show you what you should be getting and what you could be getting. If you are not happy with your service, you should not have to settle for it, and you should consider other options if possible. If you are happy, we are glad and hope you now have greater peace of mind.