Accurate and Comprehensive Listing of TV and Internet Plans

Our goal is to create and power the best Internet and TV search in the U.S.

We are passionate about aggregating large, accurate data sets and providing it all to our users in an easy-to-use format. Simply put, shopping is easier for the consumer when he/she knows all available options. We are not beholden to any single provider and therefore are dedicated to transparency and giving you unbiased information on all providers.

The BroadbandSearch Data

Great data presented in a great way cuts through the BS and gives an honest assessment of the marketplace. At BroadbandSearch you no longer have to search multiple websites that frequently don't give all provider options anyway (they usually only show what they are selling). Just enter your zip code and see it all in one place.

Much of our data has come from government records, but there is also a large portion that has come to reside in our database as a result of old-fashioned detective work from our Data Team. This means calling the providers and inquiring where there is any gap in our data. For many of the medium-sized providers and for all of the large providers we have also written detailed provider and plan profiles. To be a further resource to you, we have researched the "Fine Print" points within provider agreements and "Terms and Conditions" to find the "sticking points" you need to be aware of before signing up for service.

Ongoing Data Maintenance

Did you know there are over 3,000 Internet and TV providers in the U.S.? We are dedicated to maintaining an accurate database of service plans. This is a large task that we have an entire Data Team to tackle. We are staying in constant contact with many of the providers to keep our data updated. We'd love to have your help though. If you see anything that isn't correct, please let us know!