Find a Broadband Internet Provider in Your State

Finding a broadband internet provider isn't always easy, but we're here to help you get started! The main factor to consider when searching for internet service providers is simply your location. You're probably most familiar with the nationwide ISPs that have the resources to market aggressively, but many regional providers can deliver internet service just as efficiently - and sometimes at a lower price. And if you're in a rural area, you may be operating under the impression that satellite broadband is your only option, when wireless internet may be the faster choice.

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Find a Broadband Internet Provider in Your State

Why Does My State Matter When Choosing a Broadband Internet Provider?

Connection speeds can and do differ widely by location, and that's true whether you're comparing urban versus rural areas or coastal versus midwestern states. Many people assume that the big-name nationwide ISPs that advertise their ability to deliver higher speeds at lower prices offer the best value, but that's not always the case. Those advertised speeds aren't always true to the customer's experience.

Part of the reason for regional discrepancies boils down to infrastructure. Most areas of the US are only serviced by a handful of providers, which is why broadband speeds vary so much from zip code to zip code. If all of the ISPs in an area offer slower download and upload speeds than what is available a few zip codes over, there's not much customers can do about it until new providers begin servicing the region or infrastructure investments are made.

Will Location Ever Be a Non-Issue?

Delivery technology may also play a big role in how fast or how reliable your internet delivery will be. Urban areas sometimes have a faster tier of DSL because of the available infrastructure, though customers may actually experience speeds more like those in the suburbs because some ISPs choose to deliver consistent speeds across regions.

Unfortunately the much faster and more reliable FiOS is only available in a handful of areas. And rural customers have to settle for whatever speeds are available wirelessly; in many cases they can only choose between satellite broadband or Wi-Fi internet.

Will Location Ever Be a Non-Issue?

In densely populated areas where the internet service provider market is competitive, location is less of a factor when it comes to getting the best internet speeds. But for customers in rural areas or areas that simply have less coverage, location can literally be the deciding factor. The good news is that some providers are claiming that latest-generation satellites will make satellite internet a faster, more reliable option that customers anywhere in the US will want to utilize regardless of their zip code.

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