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What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet is an internet connection that is transmitted to your home through the use of satellite beams. These beams transmit data between satellites circling the globe and a dish that is mounted at your home.

Where can I get Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet is available almost anywhere with a clear view of the sky. Many rural areas are dependent on Satellite Internet, when traditional Cable and DSL connections are unavailable.

How Fast is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet can vary greatly in speed depending on the provider and plan that you select. Typically you should expect to be able to receive Download Speeds up to 25Mbps and Upload Speeds up to 3Mbps. The one drawback to using a Satellite Internet connection is the latency experienced when transmitting data between you and your provider's satellite. The two most commonly affected services from this delay are online gaming and VPN usage. When playing fast paced online games, you will experience a small delay that makes quick response games hard to play online. If you don't need internet for fast paced gaming or VPN usage, generally Satellite is a faster option than DSL for normal web usage.

Who are the most popular Satellite Internet Providers?

The two primary Satellite Internet Providers in the United States are HughesNet and Exede.

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HughesNet logoHughesNet(855) 980-2160Unlimited Data – With no hard data limits, if you use the data in your plan, speeds will reduce.

HughesNet provides Satellite services.

Viasat logoViasat(844) 899-9722Our mission is to connect the world by making the internet accessible, affordable and secure to everyone, anywhere.

Viasat provides Satellite services.


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