Get More for Less: Verizon's Best Deals for Current Customers

Unlock exclusive savings with Verizon deals for current customers, including enticing Fios internet offers and optional discounts to keep your monthly bills in check.


Lyndon Seitz - Editor-in-Chief

Date Modified: April 18, 2024

Get More for Less: Verizon's Best Deals for Current Customers

Verizon is a popular provider of phone, internet, and cable TV services in the United States, offering a range of plans and packages to suit different needs and budgets. For existing customers looking to save money on their monthly bills, Verizon has a number of deals and promotions available that can help lower costs while still providing top-quality services. In this article, we'll explore some of the best Verizon deals for current customers and show you how to take advantage of these offers to get the most out of your Verizon services.

Verizon Fios Internet Deals

With the rapid advancements in technology and the increasing reliance on the internet, access to reliable and fast internet service has become essential. In response to this demand, Verizon has consistently offered competitive internet deals to attract and retain customers in the highly competitive telecommunications industry. Verizon Fios Internet Deals provides a range of plans and packages tailored to fit varying needs and budgets, from basic internet to high-speed gigabit internet.

Verizon Fios Internet Discount with Existing Mobile Plans

Exclusive discounts on Fios internet plans are available to subscribers of One Unlimited for iPhone, 5G Do More, Get More, and Play More mobile plans until 5/1/23. These plans are subject to credit approval and may require a deposit. Enrollment in Mobile + Home Discount, AutoPay and paper-free billing are mandatory, and other conditions may apply.

Fios Internet 300Mbps Plan

The 300Mbps Plan offers a fixed monthly price for a duration of 2 years, which includes taxes and additional charges for Fios plans. Router rental is also included in the price of the service.

  • The standard rate for this service is $44.99/month without select 5G mobile plans, but it can be availed at a promotional rate of $24.99/month by enrolling in AutoPay and having an existing mobile plan.
  • Choose from: Xbox Stereo Headset ($69.99) or $50 Home Depot Gift Card. (Promo gift valid until 6/14/23)

Promo disclaimer: Limited time offer for existing Verizon mobile customers (excluding prepaid, business, and data-only plans): add and maintain Fios 300 Mbps plan.

Fios Internet 500Mbps Plan

The 500Mbps Plan is perfect for households with multiple users who need to work and play online simultaneously. It comes with a fixed monthly price for 3 years, inclusive of taxes and additional charges for Fios plans. The service also includes a router rental at no additional cost.

  • The regular price for this service is $69.99/mo. without select 5G mobile plans, but it is currently available at a promotional rate of $44.99/mo with AutoPay and any existing mobile plan.
  • Choose from: Xbox Elite Wireless Controller II ($179.99) or $50 Home Depot Gift Card (Promo gift valid until 6/14/23)

Promo disclaimer: Limited time offer for existing Verizon mobile customers (excluding prepaid, business, and data-only plans): add and maintain Fios 500 Mbps plan.

Fios Internet 1 Gig Plan

While availability may vary, and wired/wireless speeds may be impacted by certain factors, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your monthly bill remains unchanged for 4 years. 

Additionally, the Fios plans' prices include taxes and additional charges, and router rental with Whole-Home Wi-Fi is included. The average wired speeds for download are between 750-940 Mbps and for upload are between 750-880 Mbps.

  • Standard rate is $89.99/mo. without select 5G mobile plans. $64.99/mo with AutoPay & with any existing mobile plan
  • Your choice of: Xbox Series S Console ($299.99) or $200 Home Depot Gift Card

By subscribing to the 1 Gig Plan, customers can take advantage of one more perk by choosing one of the following options: 

  • Streaming: Disney+ Premium (No Ads) for 6 months (then $7.99/mo after) and 2 TB Verizon Cloud storage. 
  • Gaming: Receive a MoCA Ethernet Adapter and a $50 Xbox eGift Card. 
  • Complete Package: Get access to all the benefits of the Streaming and Gaming options, along with an upgrade to Whole-Home Wi-Fi Plus for just an additional $10 per month.

Promo disclaimer: Valid until 5/1/23, this offer is available to current mobile customers (excluding prepaid, business, and data-only plans) who add and maintain a Fios 1 Gig plan.

Verizon Fios Internet Discount Bundles

Verizon Fios Referral Program

Verizon Cloud offers Referral Programs for its customers on a paid mobile plan and in good standing. Customers can participate in the program through the Verizon Cloud app, but those who already have Verizon Cloud included in their mobile or home internet plan are not eligible. The eligibility requirements are subject to change.

If eligible, customers can receive a $10 credit on their Verizon bill for every new referral who begins a new, paid subscription for the Unlimited, 2 TB, or 600 GB Verizon Cloud plan. The program is limited to 10 referrals every 12 months, and the contact who was referred will receive a 30-day trial for free, after which they will be charged at the applicable monthly rate.

To qualify for the referral bonus, the referred contact must have a postpaid Verizon wireless mobile plan and not have previously had a free trial to Verizon Cloud. Prepaid mobile accounts are not eligible. The $10 bonus per contact will be applied as a credit to the customer's Verizon service bill in 1-2 bill cycles after the referred contact becomes a paying Verizon Cloud user.

It's important to note that only one referrer can receive a credit for the same contact, and the customer must be on a paid Verizon Cloud plan in good standing with the same mobile phone number to receive the bonus. Bonuses will not roll over to a new phone number.

To refer a contact to Verizon Cloud, customers can follow these steps on the Verizon Cloud app:

  1. Tap the Navigation Menu icon (upper left) and click "Refer a Friend."
  2. Check out the program information and tap "Invite a Friend."
  3. Grant access to your contacts (if needed). Choose only one contact at a time from your contact list.
  4. Review the SMS message. To make edits, tap "Edit," make edits, tap "Save" and tap "Continue." If no edits are needed, simply click "Continueā€¯ and Tap "Send."

Verizon also has a Refer a Friend program that offers gift cards for existing eligible customers who refer friends to sign up for a qualifying service online. The referrer and referee can earn up to $100 in gift cards, with the referee needing to order qualifying services and maintain a subscription for 60 days with no past-due balance. More information can be found on Verizon's website.

Maximize Your Savings with Optional Discounts on Monthly Bill

Saving on monthly Internet bills is possible through another program, but discounts for military, first responders, teachers, or nurses cannot be combined with other offers such as Verizon Connections or Ultimate Employee. 

Only one discount per account is allowed, and only one Verizon Wireless can be linked to one Fios Internet account. Business, prepaid, and employee accounts are not eligible. Late payments can affect program discounts, but no additional financial obligations are incurred by enrolling.

Teachers Discount

Discounted monthly rates on home internet plans are available to teachers, subject to proof of employment and validation of teaching employment during the registration process. Credit approval and a deposit may be required for the discount, and it may vary based on location and plan. 

Some states may require a teaching certificate for validation, and the discount must be renewed annually. For more information and to confirm eligibility, it is advised to contact Verizon Fios directly.

Here are the available discounts for new and existing Fios Home Internet customers who are teachers:

  • $5 off/month on 300 Mbps
  • $10 off/month on 500 Mbps
  • $15 off/month on Gigabit Connection

College Student Discount

Eligible students can save $10 per month on select Fios Home Internet plans, including the 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and Gigabit mix & match plans. Discount amount and availability may vary by location and plan.

To qualify for the discount on Verizon Fios, students must currently be enrolled in a US university or college that is accredited, degree-granting, and government-recognized, and have existing Fios Home Internet service. They must not have redeemed a non-qualifying offer or promotion within the past 12 months and must validate their student status during the discount registration process using

Students can contact Verizon Fios directly to confirm eligibility and obtain more information. Upgrading to an eligible plan may be necessary for those on earlier Fios Home Internet plans. The discount requires credit approval, may require a deposit, and may need annual renewal. 

Prepaid plans, already discounted plans, and promotional plans are not eligible for the discount and cannot be combined with other Verizon Fios offers or promotions.

Nurses Discount

Nurses and respiratory therapists who are currently employed with a valid National Provider Identifier (NPI) number can apply online through Verizon Fios' nurses discount page to qualify for the discount. Validating their employment as part of the discount registration is required. 

The discount will be maintained as long as the nurse or respiratory therapist remains eligible and maintains the qualifying home internet services. Verification of employment or affiliation status is required annually to continue eligibility for the discount.

Discounts for nurses and respiratory therapists who are existing customers:

  • $5 off/month on 300 Mbps
  • $10 off/month on 500 Mbps
  • $15 off/month on Gigabit Connection

Military and Veterans Discount

In order to be eligible for the Military and Veterans Discount offered by Verizon Fios, applicants are required to validate their military status by providing certain documents during the discount registration process. This can be done conveniently online through the Verizon Fios military discounts page.

Discount is available to all branches of the US military

  • Marines
  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • Coast Guard
  • Commissioned officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Commissioned officers of the United States Public Health Service
  • All military reserves and National Guard
  • Veterans of all branches
  • Cadets

Here are the available discounts for existing customers who are military and veterans:

  • $5 off/month on 300 Mbps
  • $10 off/month on 500 Mbps
  • $15 off/month on Gigabit Connection

First Responder Discount

Verizon offers discounts to active, retired, or volunteer state and local first responders, including firefighters, EMTs, EMS, and law enforcement personnel, such as State Troopers, Sheriffs, Sheriff's Deputies, and Local Police. Eligible individuals can apply for the discount by visiting the Discounts by Verizon page and verifying their first responder status through during registration. Federal-level law enforcement personnel are not currently eligible for the discount. 

Here are the available discounts for existing customers who are First Responders:

  • $5 off/month on 300 Mbps
  • $10 off/month on 500 Mbps
  • $15 off/month on Gigabit Connection

Eligibility Requirements for Various Individuals

How to Register or Renew Discounts

Step 1: Verify eligibility to register or renew the discount with Verizon.

For Military:

  1. Visit the Military Discounts & Career Programs section on the Verizon website
  2. Once there, scroll down to the section on discounts and click "Get Started" to begin the verification process. (If you haven't already signed up for, you'll need to complete a short registration process.)
  3. After you've been validated, you'll be directed to the Discounts by Verizon wireless page. From there, you can select "Already with Verizon" or "New to Verizon" and follow the prompts to sign up for your discount.

For First Responders, Nurses & Teachers:

  1. Go to the relevant page based on your profession:
  2. First Responders page.
  3. Teachers page.
  4. Nurses page.
  5. Click "Check eligibility" and use your credentials to start the verification process. If you're not already signed up for, you will be prompted to register.
  6. Once verified, you will be directed to the Discounts by Verizon wireless page, where you can choose "Existing Customers" or "New to Verizon" and follow the prompts to complete the registration or renewal process.

For Students:

  1. Start by visiting the Students Discounts page. Then, click on "Get started" in the "Get your discount or renew in 3 easy steps" section.
  2. You'll be directed to the Unidays website where you'll need to sign in to verify your active student status.
  3. Sign in to My Verizon to complete the form for the Student Unlimited Plan discount, which will be added once you submit the form.

Step 2: Provide documentation for validation if necessary.

Sensitive personal information should be blacked out as a precaution.

For Military:

  1. Active Military: Pay stub, DD form 4, SCRA status report.
  2. Military Veterans: DD form 214, Veteran ID card, military retiree accounts statement, VetRewards Card from Veterans Advantage.

For First Responders, Nurses & Teachers:

  1. First Responders: Pay stub, pension stub (if retired), volunteer ID, statement of volunteer service. For first responders KIA next of kin a signed affidavit issued by First Responder Agency listing KIA status is required.
  2. Nurses: National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, pay stub
  3. Teachers: Pay stub. Certain states may require that you provide a teaching certificate.

For employees whose employers do not provide a physical paystub, an electronic direct deposit slip can be uploaded instead.

Step 3: Verify the status of your discount registration.

  • To monitor the status of your registration, visit "Check My Submission Status" and input either your mobile number and billing ZIP code or the tracking number you received during registration.
  • Note that submitting a pay stub or other proof of employment to confirm your eligibility for the discount may take up to 10 days for review and processing.
  • Additionally, it may take up to 2 billing cycles for any discount changes to reflect on your monthly bill.

Step 4: Check your discount details.

Once your submission has been validated, you can view your discount on the "My Verizon" website or app. It's important to note that the discount will only appear on your monthly bill statement after being applied for more than one bill cycle.

  • From the My Verizon website, select "Bill" from the dropdown menu, then select "Bill overview". Look for the callout that says "You saved XX in discounts" and click "View details" for more information.
  • My Verizon app: Choose Bill from the main menu, select Mobile bill, and click View details to see the amount saved in discounts.

Step 5: Make sure to renew your discount when prompted.

Your eligibility for a discount is based on your employment or affiliation status. Once you register for the discount, you will need to re-validate your employment or affiliation approximately once a year. When you receive a notice to revalidate, make sure to respond within 30 days to avoid losing the discount. 

If your employment or affiliation status changes, complete the validation process to see if you can still receive a discount through your new employer or group. If you are no longer eligible for a discount, it will be automatically removed from your account and you will not be charged retroactively. 

How to Renew or Register Discounts

Mobile + Home Program

The Mobile + Home Discount Program by Verizon offers discounts, savings, and rewards to eligible Joint Customers who have postpaid Verizon Wireless and Fios Internet plans/services. To enroll, customers must have membership in Verizon Up and both accounts must be in good standing. The Mobile + Home Discount Program is separate from any other rewards or loyalty program, and is subject to the Customer Agreements and other terms that may be applicable to your Verizon services.

The amount of your Program Discounts depends on the services you have chosen for your Wireless and Fios/In Home internet accounts. It is important to note that any changes made to your existing services may impact your discounts and rewards but you can easily modify your services through the My Verizon app at any time.

Ways for Current Fios Internet and Wireless Customers to Save on Phone Lines

Current customers with Fios Internet and Wireless service can save on their phone line by choosing from these options:

  • You can save $10/mo per Wireless phone line with any Wireless phone plan (except Welcome Unlimited plans) plus Fios Gigabit Connection internet.
  • You can save $5/mo per Wireless phone line with any Wireless phone plan plus Fios Internet (speeds other than Fios Gigabit Connection). The discount will be applied to your monthly wireless bill.
  • With a Welcome Unlimited wireless plan plus any Fios internet plan, you can save $5/mo per wireless phone line.

If you are an existing customer adding Fios Internet service, you can save money on your Fios Internet account with these options:

  • With Premium Unlimited Wireless phone plans plus Fios Internet, you can save $25/mo off a Fios Internet account.
  • With all other Wireless plans plus Fios Internet, you can save $10/mo off a Fios Internet account. The discount will be applied to your monthly Fios bill.

Enrolling in the Mobile + Home Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

To enroll in the Mobile + Home Program, eligible users must have both their Fios Home Internet and mobile accounts set up beforehand. They may also register for OneVZID to simplify their login process for all Verizon accounts.

To proceed with enrollment, users must be logged into their My Verizon mobile account.

  • Navigate to the Savings & Promos center
  • From there, they should follow the prompts to sync their Fios Home Internet account and enroll in the Mobile + Home Discount program
  • If the account verification process is unsuccessful, users will be directed to create a new username and password through the Verizon Fios website.
  • Agree to the Program Terms and choose Join now. After agreeing to the Program Terms, users can select "Join now" and a confirmation screen will appear, displaying the Mobile + Home Discount details.

The Bottom Line

Verizon offers a range of discounts, bundles, and promotions that provide financial flexibility to its customers. Certain mobile plans offer exclusive discounts on Fios internet plans, with fixed monthly prices for up to 4 years and free router rental, along with cool perks like an Xbox headset or controller, and earn gift cards by referring your friends and family.

By offering these discounts and promotions, Verizon sets itself apart from other ISPs that may not provide as many options for saving on monthly bills. If you're ineligible for the deals and discounts from Verizon Fios, don't fret. Check out and compare other providers in your area. Find one that fits your needs and budget, and start saving today!


How often does Verizon offer deals for their subscribers?

Verizon updates its deals and promotions frequently to keep up with the competition. The frequency and availability of deals may vary depending on factors such as location, plan, and customer status. It is recommended to regularly check Verizon's website or contact them directly to stay up to date on the latest offers.

Can you change Verizon plans anytime?

Yes, Verizon allows its customers to change their plans anytime. You can change your plan online or through the My Verizon app. Keep in mind that some plan changes may come with additional fees or require you to sign a new contract. It's always a good idea to review the terms and conditions before making any changes to your plan.

Do I lose promotion benefits when I change plans?

It depends on the promotion. Some promotions may continue when you change plans, while others may not. It's best to check with Verizon directly to see if the promotion will still apply if you switch plans.

Can I stack discounts on my plans?

Verizon does not allow stacking of multiple discounts on a single plan. Only one discount can be applied per account.

Is subscribing to Auto Pay worth it to avail of discounts?

Yes, subscribing to Auto Pay is worth it if you want to avail of discounts. The discount amount varies depending on the plan and location. Plus, you won't miss payments and incur late fees.