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What does Dongle Mean?

A dongle is a tiny yet useful piece of computer hardware that links ports on other devices. It expands the device’s potential beyond its original capabilities and enables efficient access between multiple units. 

Dongles are a popular choice for the networking, storage, and transfer of data due to their versatility. From security dongles, Bluetooth dongles to wifi dongles these devices come in various shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. Typically consisting of a small chip or circuit board with two ports connected to the device itself or directly into the dongle, they make effective solutions for your computing needs!

Dongle Explained

Dongles are ultra-convenient devices that can be plugged into a laptop, tablet, or similar device to connect it with printers, scanners, projectors, and other peripherals. With dongles come an array of advantages from providing mobile internet access to boosting data transfer speeds, running secured software, and connecting multiple gadgets simultaneously! This makes them the perfect solution for instantly expanding computer memory storage capacity by linking high-speed external drives.

So, how does a security dongle work? The software sends a highly secure request to the dongle, producing an encrypted validation key. This makes it difficult for hackers to crack as they must first decrypt the encryption before accessing any sensitive data.

Initially, dongles were connected to a computer's serial port and utilized to protect software already installed on the machine. During installation, the program would assess if the security device was present; if it wasn't found, then the loading of that specific software was blocked. Unfortunately, this system could be manipulated by developers with programming skills as they had control over bypassing or even faking evidence of its existence.

To take the security to a whole new level, encrypted pieces of the software are stored on the dongle itself. When required, these bits will be requested by the program. Even if a hacker succeeds in fooling it into believing that there is an actual device present due to missing portions of code from its source file running it would be impossible.

Dongles can serve a variety of purposes, one of which is storing all the hardware and software needed within the device itself. Wifi dongles, also known as USB wireless adapters or USB wifi adapters, are excellent for connecting your computer to a network so you can access the internet. On top of that, Bluetooth Dongles enable devices such as mice and keyboards to connect wirelessly with any PC or laptop.

Nonetheless, one important thing to note is that most dongles occupy a port, and other devices cannot be connected. For instance, if your computer only has two or three USB ports with a mouse, camera, speaker, or any other device attached already, there will be no space for another device.

Overall, dongles are an amazing technology that can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. They can increase the potential of your devices while providing easy access between multiple units securely. 

So If you're keen on getting one, make sure you pick up the right type and version as not all dongles are compatible. With the right dongle in hand, you’ll surely have a much smoother and more convenient experience with your devices!

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