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What Does Quadruple Play Mean?

Quadruple play, also often referred to as “The Fantastic Four,” is a bundle of telephony, television, fixed internet services, and mobile offers that allows customers access to all their communication needs in one package. This unbeatable service set provides unparalleled convenience for subscribers looking for an easy way to manage multiple accounts with only one provider.

Quadruple play bundles were available as early as the mid-2000s, yet they had a very limited reach. But since then, the landscape of both fixed and mobile markets has drastically shifted due to three key factors: 

  • An abundance of smartphones on the market; 
  • Increased availability of over-the-top (OTT) content delivery options; and
  • Operator consolidation - as bundled options became more popular, growth for fixed and mobile markets declined, respectively. Thus, many telecommunications companies have decided to join forces instead to keep up with the competition and consumer demand for multi-play services.   

Quadruple Play Explained

Quadruple play bundles unite fixed broadband, voice, and paid TV services with mobile voice and data services. Service providers roll out these quadruple plays to reduce customer turnover rates, increase profits, and take a more significant piece of the market.

The Quadruple play concept emerged from the progress in communication and IT technologies; telecom companies began offering dual services — telephony and Internet with the emergence of dial-up connections over classic telephone lines.

The introduction of fiber broadband Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) meant that both classic telephone lines and GPON could coexist. Thanks to this technology, service providers were allowed to offer TV content through Internet Protocol television (IPTV) services — making it possible for them to give their customers a triple-play package including telephony, IPTV, and fixed Internet services.

Finally, with the introduction of mobile technologies (3G and 4G), service providers began offering complete Quadruple play packages combining fixed and mobile services.

The main advantage of a quadruple-play bundle lies in its convenience — it reduces the hassle associated with managing separate accounts with multiple providers. Having a single point of contact for everything from broadband access to voice services and mobile data makes it much easier to keep track of bills and customer service issues.

It also provides cost savings as customers can take advantage of discounts for bundling multiple services with one provider. This incentive is attractive to households that use more than one communication service. 

Quadruple play is an increasingly popular option, and it’s likely to become even more widespread as technology evolves. For consumers looking for the most comprehensive range of services in one package, quadruple-play bundles are the way to go.

While it is still being determined whether quadruple-play solutions can reduce churn and enhance profits, we ultimately must acknowledge that they have the potential to shake up both mobile and fixed markets. Therefore, companies need to observe trends in the industry closely to develop competitive offerings before others do.

By remaining vigilant and prepared, service providers can build on the success of their dual and triple play services to create attractive quadruple play offerings that will benefit both themselves and their customers. With the right strategy, providers can ensure customer loyalty, and revenues will rise accordingly. Quadruple play is here to stay — now it’s up to the service providers to make it work for them.

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