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Labeling the Top Providers

Carriers and organizations representing broadband providers are resistant to complying with this recommendation, because they state that the level of competition in the industry already ensures that they deliver more to consumers than regulations would accomplish. Because of this reluctance, we have taken a proactive step to help consumers as they are shopping for high speed Internet service by creating nutrition labels modeled after the FCC's example for the top cable Internet providers in the nation.

We have pulled together every detail that the Internet service provider itself should provide in this new recommended format. We believe that anything that makes buying broadband Internet service easier is a good thing, and for that reason we've created these ready-made broadband nutrition labels to help you choose from the biggest providers in the nation.

The FCC's Broadband Labels

Cox Communications
Charter Communications
Wow Cable
Time Warner Cable
RCN Corporation
SuddenLink Communications
Cable ONE
Bright House Networks
Mediacom Communications