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Netflix Streams 1,348 Hours of Content per Second

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That means, on your lunch break over 4,852,800 hours of Netflix are watched.

In 1997, a company came out with a promise to deliver your favorite DVDs directly to your door on-demand. Now, with ever-increasing internet speeds, hundreds of millions of US viewers now have over 10,000 movie and show titles to choose from as they regularly "NetFlix and chill" and "binge watch".

The power to access this much content has to be expensive right? Well, no. Netflix services start out at just $7.99 per month. This service has attracted a reported 75 million subscribers as of January 2016 and their content has been accessed at an incredible rate!

In 2015, Netflix reported that more than 42.5 billion (yes with a "B") hours of content had been streamed on their service worldwide for that single year! That is a huge number and it got us to thinking; seeing as there are only 31,536,000 seconds in a year, how many hours were streamed per second in 2015? Globally, Netflix streamed OVER 1,348 HOURS of content for each second in the year 2015. Wrap your head around that!