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EPICBROADBAND delivers an Internet connection using fiber-to-the-premise technology.

This technology provides a high quality, reliable connection and with broadband bandwidth packages; you are on your way to enhancing lifes connections. Whether sending emails, streaming a movie, posting photos on a social media site, or staying in-touch with your business associates, you are connected with EPICBROADBAND

Availability Overview


Epic Touch Company offers Internet service to approximately 1,871 people in 1 cities over 1 states.

Epic Touch Company offers Internet service via the following technology: Fiber Internet

Epic Touch Company is available in 1 state.

Top 10 cities serviced by Epic Touch Company

CityMax DownloadMax UploadBroadband TypeCoverage
Elkhart, KS60 Mbps60 MbpsFiber Internet

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Their internet service is Rise Broadband

Contact Epic Touch Company
610 S Cosmos
Elkhart, KS 67950
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