Who Is the Best Late Night Host

Everyone has a favorite late night show and host. Some stay up extra late to catch their favorite host interview some of their favorite celebs and others just catch up with them the next day on YouTube when they get a minute of downtime at work. Regardless, there is always that one host and one show that you search for. Are you more into Colbert's inquisitive line of questioning to political figures and well-mannered celebrities? Do you like watching Kimmel trick kids in various ways each holiday season? Maybe you're more into Beer Pong and Pictionary with Fallon. Whatever you are into, there seems to be a very devoted fan club surrounding each host; and rightfully so!

The question remains: Which host is the King of Late Night? Well, we took a look through social sites like Reddit and Twitter as well as entertainment news sites to determine which host was truly the best. We came up with five categories: interview skills, humor, games & segments, guests and monologue. We then broke down the amount of monthly viewers each host pulled in along with their social presence and how connected they are to their fans.

best late night host infographic

Here are the questions we answered to breakdown the Ratings Criteria:

Interviews: Do we learn something new about the interviewee? Is it inquisitive? Deep? Interesting information? Does the interview flow? Is the host sincere?

Humor: Does the show in general make you laugh? Are their running jokes/gags?

Games & Segments: Does the host seem to have fun on the show? Are their segments and games amusing, funny and hold your attention?

Guests: Is the host getting the best guests? Are they the first to get the biggest stars from the biggest movies/shows?

Monologue: A staple of late night television is the introduction monologue. Is the host funny? Are the topics varied between politics and pop culture? Are they engaging?

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