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Indiana Fiber Network

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Indiana Fiber Network is ranked #69 of the largest provider in the U.S., in terms of availability to customers.

Indiana Fiber Network offers Internet service to approximately 2,050,287 people in 0 cities over 0 states.

Indiana Fiber Network offers Internet service via the following technology: Fiber Internet

Indiana Fiber Network is available in 1 state.

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Indiana Fiber Network Rankings

Indiana Fiber Network offers Enterprise and Carrier level service. They have over 70,000 fiber optic route miles across America and over 5,000 communities served. As an Enterprise and Carrier level service provider, I didn’t expect to find a lot of pricing on their website but something would have been nice, at least for the Enterprise packages, however they are a full service Fiber Network capable of providing the latest technologies for companies that require that type of bandwidth

Customer Service8
Ease of Installation8
Account Management5
Technology & Equipment9
Contract Terms5