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Internet Service in Indiana

75.3% of Indiana residents have high speed Internet at home. Over 90% of the population has access to service with speeds of 10 Mbps or better.

There are great options in Internet service in the state. Wireless Internet is available to all of Indiana. Cable is available to 83.3%. DSL is an option for 93.6%. Fiber Internet is available to 46.2% of the population. 69% of Indiana residents have more than 2 Internet service providers offering service where they live, indicating less choice than many other states. Despite this accessibility, 6.8% of Indiana residents lack Internet access.


Population with faster than 1.00 Gbps available.


Population with only 100.00 Mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25.00 Mbps speeds or less available.

33.40 Mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Indiana

Broadband in Indiana

Largest Cities in IndianaProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Anderson, IN302.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps10.34 Mbps1.83 Mbps31
Bloomington, IN212.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps25.40 Mbps10.69 Mbps30
Brownsburg, IN262.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps19.16 Mbps3.53 Mbps32
Carmel, IN292.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps52.22 Mbps6.23 Mbps43
Clarksville, IN2175.00 Mbps11.00 Mbps8.22 Mbps1.42 Mbps20
Columbus, IN242.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps13.49 Mbps3.02 Mbps30
Crown Point, IN242.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps14.56 Mbps3.29 Mbps23
East Chicago, IN192.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps18.49 Mbps3.09 Mbps28
Elkhart, IN262.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps14.04 Mbps3.01 Mbps23
Evansville, IN2250.00 Mbps11.00 Mbps11.44 Mbps2.03 Mbps28
Fishers, IN312.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps75.97 Mbps32.43 Mbps67
Fort Wayne, IN292.00 Gbps30.00 Mbps17.06 Mbps3.98 Mbps29
Franklin, IN212.00 Gbps50.00 Mbps60.04 Mbps4.67 Mbps42
Gary, IN282.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps12.69 Mbps3.57 Mbps29
Goshen, IN202.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps14.50 Mbps2.45 Mbps32
Granger, IN262.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps50.91 Mbps5.91 Mbps35
Greenfield, IN292.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps43.16 Mbps33.70 Mbps54
Greenwood, IN282.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps51.37 Mbps7.48 Mbps43
Hammond, IN272.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps13.45 Mbps3.33 Mbps29
Highland, IN262.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps14.38 Mbps3.31 Mbps22
Hobart, IN252.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps13.34 Mbps2.86 Mbps25
Huntington, IN232.00 Gbps50.00 Mbps55.61 Mbps4.35 Mbps31
Indianapolis, IN382.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps50.16 Mbps35.56 Mbps69
Jeffersonville, IN2175.00 Mbps11.00 Mbps8.41 Mbps1.44 Mbps20
Kokomo, IN262.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps11.17 Mbps1.92 Mbps26
La Porte, IN142.00 Gbps120.00 Mbps22.00 Mbps3.81 Mbps26
Lafayette, IN292.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps48.01 Mbps6.47 Mbps39
Logansport, IN212.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps12.68 Mbps2.27 Mbps18
Marion, IN282.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps21.83 Mbps3.16 Mbps40
Merrillville, IN252.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps13.32 Mbps2.92 Mbps26
Michigan City, IN152.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps20.66 Mbps4.38 Mbps23
Mishawaka, IN262.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps12.06 Mbps2.04 Mbps23
Muncie, IN252.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps11.80 Mbps2.10 Mbps20
Munster, IN232.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps16.87 Mbps5.25 Mbps21
New Albany, IN1875.00 Mbps11.00 Mbps9.28 Mbps1.63 Mbps20
New Castle, IN282.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps88.12 Mbps41.29 Mbps60
Noblesville, IN292.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps48.85 Mbps4.26 Mbps46
Plainfield, IN282.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps17.25 Mbps3.18 Mbps30
Portage, IN222.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps21.84 Mbps4.15 Mbps26
Richmond, IN202.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps21.83 Mbps3.52 Mbps27
Schererville, IN252.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps13.95 Mbps3.03 Mbps23
Seymour, IN222.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps61.55 Mbps8.16 Mbps43
Shelbyville, IN242.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps12.31 Mbps2.27 Mbps21
South Bend, IN272.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps12.25 Mbps2.12 Mbps23
Terre Haute, IN19100.00 Mbps11.00 Mbps13.44 Mbps2.04 Mbps24
Valparaiso, IN202.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps15.74 Mbps3.46 Mbps22
Vincennes, IN181.00 Gbps50.00 Mbps66.79 Mbps4.59 Mbps41
West Lafayette, IN262.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps59.17 Mbps14.10 Mbps41
Westfield, IN292.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps54.16 Mbps7.35 Mbps48
Zionsville, IN282.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps22.05 Mbps3.51 Mbps38
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
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Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in Indiana
ProviderAvg. Speeds
Viasat25.00 Mbps
Exede25.00 Mbps
HughesNet25.00 Mbps
Xfinity from Comcast150.00 Mbps
Bundle AT&T Internet and DirecTV17.85 Mbps
AT&T U-verse17.85 Mbps
Cyberonic11.00 Mbps
Frontier10.49 Mbps
Watch Communications4.95 Mbps
King Street Wireless1.00 Mbps