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#1 - AT&T

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#1. The Best Internet Provider in Atlanta, GA is AT&T.

AT&T provides DSL in Atlanta, GA

  • #1 Internet Provider in Atlanta, GA
  • Largest Connection Coverage in Atlanta, GA
  • AT&T internet pricing starting at $40.00

#2 - AT&T Fiber

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AT&T Fiber provides Fiber in Atlanta, GA

  • Home Wireless network Access to AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network included at no extra charge Anti-virus, anti-spyware and parental controls included

#3 - Viasat

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Viasat provides Satellite and Phone in Atlanta, GA

  • New unlimited data plans available in select areas
  • Speeds up to 30mbps available
  • WiFi modem included in most plans

#4 - HughesNet

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HughesNet provides Satellite and Phone in Atlanta, GA

  • National satellite Internet service provider with A+ BBB Rating
  • Free standard Installation included
  • Save $5/mo on equipment!
  • No Lease Set-up Fees, save $99 INSTANTLY
  • Unlimited Data - No Hard Data Limits

#5 - Windstream

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Windstream provides Fiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Phone in Atlanta, GA

  • 24/7 technical support
  • No contracts required
  • Free wireless equipment

#6 - Spectrum

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Spectrum provides Fiber, Cable and Phone in Atlanta, GA

  • 1 GB of Email storage
  • Free home wifi
  • Free access to Time Warner Wifi Hotspots

#7 - Xfinity

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Xfinity provides Cable and Phone in Atlanta, GA

  • Includes Constant Guard, online protection suite (includes Norton)
  • Xfinity Connect app - text and make WiFi calls from your smartphone
  • Access to Millions of WiFi Hotspots

Television Providers in Atlanta, GA




DIRECTV has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running.

DIRECTV provides Television in Atlanta, GA

  • Best entertainement options for any sports fan, including NFL Sunday Ticket!
  • Includes local channels
  • HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax free for first 3 months
  • Free upgrade to Genie HD-DVR
  • Free professional installation in up to 4 rooms
DIRECTV television pricing starting at:
Call now for DIRECTV internet availability at your address.

#2 - Dish Network

Dish Network logo

Dish Network

DISH Network is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power

Dish Network provides Television in Atlanta, GA

  • Free voice remote and Smart DVR included
  • Free 15+ Premium channels for three months
  • Stream 100% of your Live & Recorded TV from anywhere
  • DISH is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Dish Network television pricing starting at:
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People who live in the capital of the Peach State are lucky to have access to a number of wired internet providers in Atlanta. It may surprise you to learn that Atlanta was ranked as America's most wired city for many years (beating out Seattle and San Francisco) and has consistently appeared in the top ten in years since. That may be because it is home to the regional headquarters of brands like Verizon and AT&T, making it the communications hub for the southeastern United States. It also has a thriving tech startup scene.

Overall, more than 97% of the city's residential internet users access the web with a high speed broadband connection. However, the average bandwidth customers receive is just 9 Mbps - which is above the state average but quite a bit slower than the national average.

The Types of Wired Internet Providers in Atlanta

Nearly all Atlanta residents have access to satellite internet, but most choose to get their internet signal from companies specializing in wired broadband. Internet providers in Atlanta typically offer either DSL (a type of broadband delivered over copper phone lines) or cable internet (which delivers a signal over the existing coaxial cable TV infrastructure). There are pros and cons to both technologies. Because Atlanta is a DSL hub, customers who choose this type of broadband will receive a very stable signal and higher speeds than those far outside the city. Cable is usually the faster option, but it can get laggy during peak use hours.

Fiber internet, which is a super high speed type of broadband that uses bundles of thin glass filaments to deliver a signal, is a great choice for heavy internet users but is not available in all of Atlanta. The good news is that coverage is expanding year by year, and if fiber broadband isn't in your neighborhood yet, it probably will be soon.

What are the High Speed Internet Providers in Atlanta?

There are more than 10 wired internet providers in Atlanta offering residential service to customers and a lot more specializing in business broadband. None of these ISPs service the entire city, but the two main providers - Xfinity from Comcast and AT&T - do cover the majority of Atlanta. Both of these companies offer bundled packages as well as internet-only packages, though customers often have to call to specifically request the latter. Charter also services Atlanta, and there are smaller business broadband providers like Windstream that fill in the gaps in commercial areas where big providers don't offer service or are less reliable.

As you compare ISPs, think about your household's needs. Yomura Fiber provides fixed wireless service to residents in Atlanta and is also the city's only net neutral fiber broadband provider, which means it has pledged never to slow down or block sites due to content or competition. Atlantic Nexus is known for its stellar customer service, while AT&T and Xfinity both offer gigabit speeds. Need a budget-friendly plan? Xfinity also has internet-only packages starting at $29.99.

Will Google Fiber Ever Come to Atlanta?

A few years back, Atlanta residents were thrilled to hear that Google Fiber was coming to the city with its free residential packages, but the two-year rollout was plagued by a series of delays and excitement turned to frustration. Google had pledged to help close the digital divide in Atlanta by offering discounted or free broadband to low-income residents, but that, too, was delayed. Eventually, Google started servicing certain neighborhoods with a $50 per month fiber plan, but by then they were no longer the only provider in town. Comcast and AT&T had expanded and enhanced their networks and started offering gigabit packages of their own, which was bad news for Google but great news for people who were waiting for faster internet to come to Atlanta.

How to Choose Between Internet Providers in Atlanta

Comparing broadband plans isn't easy because they can look so similar at first glance. The best thing you can do when looking at packages offered by internet providers in Atlanta is make sure your research includes information from unbiased sources like BroadbandSearch. It's easy to get hooked into too big or overly expensive plans when ISPs lure you in with limited time only deals. BroadbandSearch makes it easy to find the real cost of broadband plans in Atlanta so you can make the smartest possible choice.

Compare Atlanta, GA Internet Providers Ranked by Maximum Fastest Speed


Best Provider Overall


Best Provider for Gaming


Best Provider for Streaming


Best Provider for Availability


Your Best Internet Service Option By Usage

  • Best Provider for Overall Usage - AT&T
  • Best Provider for Gaming - Xfinity
  • Best Provider for Streaming - Xfinity
  • Best Provider for Availability - AT&T

Fastest Internet Service Providers in Atlanta, GA

  • Xfinity - 2 Gbps
  • AT&T - 1 Gbps
  • AT&T Fiber - 1 Gbps

Internet Provider Types in Atlanta, GA

  • Fiber - 1.17%
  • Cable - 88.83%
  • DSL - 93.36%
  • Copper - 0.01%
  • Fixed Wireless - 0.05%
  • Satellite - 100%

Widest Coverage Providers in Atlanta, GA

  • AT&T - 93.7%
  • Xfinity - 88.76%
  • AT&T Fiber - 49.1%

Here are the internet providers that have the best availability in Atlanta, GA, ranked by quality of service.

  1. AT&T - 1 Gbps - DSL and Television
  2. Xfinity - 2 Gbps - Cable, Television and Phone
  3. AT&T Fiber - 1 Gbps - Fiber and Television
  4. HughesNet - 25 Mbps - Satellite and Phone
  5. Viasat - 100 Mbps - Satellite and Phone
  6. Windstream - 100 Mbps - Fiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Phone
  7. Spectrum - 100 Mbps - Fiber, Cable, Television and Phone

Compare Internet Providers in Atlanta, GA by Coverage Area

ProviderMax DownloadMax UploadBroadband TypeCoverage
1.AT&T logoAT&T1 Gbps1 GbpsDSL and Television93.70%
2.Cyberonic logoCyberonic11 Mbps11 MbpsFiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Fixed Wireless93.70%
3.Xfinity logoXfinity2 Gbps35 MbpsCable, Television and Phone88.76%
4.AT&T Fiber logoAT&T Fiber1 Gbps1 GbpsFiber and Television49.10%
5.EarthLink logoEarthLink75 Mbps3 MbpsFiber and DSL45.00%
6.Global Capacity logoGlobal Capacity8 Mbps1 MbpsDSL and Copper4.51%
7.HughesNet logoHughesNet25 Mbps3 MbpsSatellite and Phone2.57%
8.Viasat logoViasat100 Mbps3 MbpsSatellite and Phone1.90%
9.Windstream logoWindstream100 Mbps8 MbpsFiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Phone0.60%
10.Google Fiber logoGoogle Fiber1 Gbps1 GbpsFiber0.13%
11.Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative logoBlackfoot Telephone Cooperative15 Mbps2 MbpsFiber, DSL, Copper and Fixed Wireless0.09%
12.Hotwire Communications, Ltd. logoHotwire Communications, Ltd.1 Gbps50 MbpsFiber, Cable, Copper and Fixed Wireless0.09%
13.Spectrum logoSpectrum100 Mbps5 MbpsFiber, Cable, Television and Phone0.06%
14.Wisper ISP logoWisper ISP20 Mbps4 MbpsFixed Wireless0.05%
15.eVolve Business Solutions logoeVolve Business Solutions3 Mbps3 MbpsFiber and Copper~
16.FiberLight logoFiberLight~~Fiber~
17.Cogent Communications logoCogent Communications~~Fiber and Copper~
18.Level 3 Communications logoLevel 3 Communications~~Fiber, DSL and Copper~
19.Zayo Group logoZayo Group~~Fiber, Copper and Fixed Wireless~
20.Plant TiftNet logoPlant TiftNet12 Mbps2 MbpsCable~
21.XO Communications logoXO Communications~~DSL, Copper and Fixed Wireless~
22.Unite Private Networks logoUnite Private Networks~~Fiber~

Atlanta, GA - Broadband Availability and Coverage Map

Atlanta, GA has a total of 29 internet providers including  14 Fiber providers, 6 Cable providers, 8 DSL providers, 10 Copper providers, 6 Fixed Wireless providers and 2 Satellite providers.Atlanta has an average download speed of 246 Mbps and a maximum download speed of 2 Gbps.

Free wireless internet access points in Atlanta, GA

Adams Park Branch
2231 Campbellton Road Sw
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 752-8763
Adamsville-Collier Heights Branch
3424 Martin Luther King Jr., Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 699-4206
Atlanta Fulton Public Library System
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 730-1700
Auburn Avenue Research Library
101 Auburn Avenue, Ne
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 730-4001
Bankhead Courts Branch
1415 Maynard Road
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 699-8959
Bowen Homes Branch
2880 Yates Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 792-4950
Buckhead Branch
269 Buckhead Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 814-3500
Carver Homes Branch
215 Lakewood Way, Suite 104
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 635-4012
Central Library Library System Headquarters
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 730-1700
Cleveland Ave.-Roy Yancy, Sr., Branch
47 Cleveland Avenue, Sw
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 762-4116
College Park Branch
3647 Main Street
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 762-4060
Dogwood Branch
1838 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy Nw
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 792-4961
East Atlanta Branch
400 Flat Shoals Ave. Se
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 730-5438
Georgia Hill Branch
250 Georgia Avenue, S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 730-5427
Kirkwood Branch
11 Kirkwood Road, Se
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 377-6471
Martin Luther King Jr., Branch
409 John Wesley Dobbs Ave
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 730-1185
Mechanicsville Branch
400 Formwalt Street Sw
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 730-4779
Northside Branch
3295 Northside Parkway Nw
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 814-3508
Peachtree Branch
1315 Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 885-7830
Perry Homes Branch
2121 Hollywood Rd Nw
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 792-4994
Ponce De Leon Branch
980 Ponce De Leon Avenue Ne
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 885-7820
Sandy Springs Branch
395 Mount Vernon Hwy Ne
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 303-6130
Southwest Regional
3665 Cascade Road, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 699-6363
2893 Lakewood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 762-4054
Thomasville Heights Branch
1700 Thomasville Drive Se
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 624-0620
Washington Park-Annie L. Mcpheeters Branch
1116 Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 752-8760
West End Branch
525 Peeples Street, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30349
(404) 752-8740