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#1 - AT&T

AT&T logo
Coverage Area:
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#1. The Best Internet Provider in Houston, TX is AT&T.

AT&T provides DSL in Houston, TX

  • #1 Internet Provider in Houston, TX
  • Largest Connection Coverage in Houston, TX
  • AT&T internet pricing starting at $40.00

#2 - AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber logo
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AT&T Fiber provides Fiber in Houston, TX

  • Home Wireless network Access to AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network included at no extra charge Anti-virus, anti-spyware and parental controls included

#3 - CenturyLink

CenturyLink logo
Coverage Area:
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CenturyLink provides Fiber, DSL, Fixed Wireless and Phone in Houston, TX

  • Perfect for online shopping, streaming movies at blazing fast speeds
  • Support multiple devices at once
  • Keep your rate for as long as you keep your plan

#4 - Spectrum

Spectrum logo
Coverage Area:
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Spectrum provides Fiber, Cable and Phone in Houston, TX

  • 1 GB of Email storage
  • Free home wifi
  • Free access to Time Warner Wifi Hotspots

#5 - Viasat

Viasat logo
Coverage Area:
Starting at:

Viasat provides Satellite and Phone in Houston, TX

  • New unlimited data plans available in select areas
  • Speeds up to 30mbps available
  • WiFi modem included in most plans

#6 - HughesNet

HughesNet logo
Coverage Area:
Starting at:

HughesNet provides Satellite and Phone in Houston, TX

  • National satellite Internet service provider with A+ BBB Rating
  • Free standard Installation included
  • Save $5/mo on equipment!
  • No Lease Set-up Fees, save $99 INSTANTLY
  • Unlimited Data - No Hard Data Limits

#7 - Frontier

Frontier logo
Coverage Area:
Starting at:

Frontier provides Fiber, DSL, Copper and Phone in Houston, TX

  • Fiber to the Home connection available
  • Free Wi-Fi router
  • 3-year price lock with no long term agreement

#8 - Windstream

Windstream logo
Coverage Area:
Starting at:

Windstream provides Fiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Phone in Houston, TX

  • 24/7 technical support
  • No contracts required
  • Free wireless equipment

#9 - Xfinity

Xfinity logo
Coverage Area:
Starting at:

Xfinity provides Cable and Phone in Houston, TX

  • Includes Constant Guard, online protection suite (includes Norton)
  • Xfinity Connect app - text and make WiFi calls from your smartphone
  • Access to Millions of WiFi Hotspots

Television Providers in Houston, TX

#1 - Dish Network

Dish Network logo

Dish Network

DISH Network is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power

Dish Network provides Television in Houston, TX

  • Free voice remote and Smart DVR included
  • Free 15+ Premium channels for three months
  • Stream 100% of your Live & Recorded TV from anywhere
  • DISH is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Dish Network television pricing starting at:
Call now for Dish Network internet availability at your address.




DIRECTV has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running.

DIRECTV provides Television in Houston, TX

  • Best entertainement options for any sports fan, including NFL Sunday Ticket!
  • Includes local channels
  • HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax free for first 3 months
  • Free upgrade to Genie HD-DVR
  • Free professional installation in up to 4 rooms
DIRECTV television pricing starting at:
Call now for DIRECTV internet availability at your address.

Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States, as well as the largest city not only in Texas but also the entire southern US. That means there are a lot of people who rely on the broadband providers in Houston, from residents to entrepreneurs. The good news is that there are a lot of companies providing Houston’s high speed internet. The downside to all that choice is that picking an internet service provider can be a challenge if you live in one of the areas with the most coverage.

Types of Houston High Speed Internet

In Houston, many customers can choose between both DSL (which uses existing phone lines to deliver data) and cable broadband (which uses the cable TV infrastructure and is slightly faster) providers. There are also multiple high speed internet providers in Houston that offer fiber broadband, which delivers the fastest speeds available using a network of cables made from thin strands of glass.

More than 80% of residents have access to high speed internet, which is notable considering that only about half of all residents of Texas can get broadband service. And nearly three-quarters of residents have three or more choices when shopping for an ISP.

The High Speed Internet Providers in Houston

There’s no one ISP that covers all of Houston, but AT&T, Cyberonic, and Xfinity cover the majority of the city. Fiber providers tend to cover fewer neighborhoods, which means that it’s not uncommon for one household to have access to fiber while another that’s just a few blocks away doesn’t. There are a number of smaller Houston high speed internet providers that fill in the gaps by servicing select neighborhoods.

Customers looking for the fastest speeds should check out AT&T, Frontier, Xfinity, and Spectrum. When cost is the most important factor, look at CenturyLink. Frontier offers no-contract plans, and Spectrum has no data caps. That said, if you live in one of the rare areas of Houston where none of the local ISPs can provide service to your address, modern satellite broadband can be a great alternative to cable or DSL.

The Reliability of Houston High Speed Internet

Houston is a busy metropolitan area, which means that many people will be connected to the internet over the course of a typical day. There is plenty of reliable broadband service in Houston but outages and slowdowns can and do happen. Internet speed slowdowns (especially those on peak weekday hours or on the weekend) tend to be caused by a high volume of traffic on the network. Customers who need constant speeds should look into business internet plans, which tend to offer more consistent service and, in some cases, guaranteed speeds.

How to Choose Between Houston High Speed Internet Providers

The three things you should look at first will be availability, speed, and price. Don’t fall into the trap of looking at what is offered in an ISP’s ad since advertisements often showcase promotional, limited time only deals. It’s more important to research using unbiased sources like BroadbandSearch so you can look at what the Houston high speed internet providers near you are actually delivering to their customers. That information plus recommendations from neighbors can help you make a smart choice.

Are the ISPs in My Area the Only Options?

Most households and businesses in Houston will have a number of options to pick from when it comes to choosing an ISP. That said, you may discover that yours is a neighborhood that is only serviced by a couple of providers. In that case, unless you want to explore satellite or cellular broadband, your address may make your choice for you.

Compare Houston, TX Internet Providers Ranked by Maximum Fastest Speed


Best Provider Overall


Best Provider for Gaming


Best Provider for Streaming


Best Provider for Availability


Your Best Internet Service Option By Usage

  • Best Provider for Overall Usage - AT&T
  • Best Provider for Gaming - Xfinity
  • Best Provider for Streaming - Xfinity
  • Best Provider for Availability - AT&T

Fastest Internet Service Providers in Houston, TX

  • Xfinity - 2 Gbps
  • AT&T - 1 Gbps
  • AT&T Fiber - 1 Gbps

Internet Provider Types in Houston, TX

  • Fiber - 6.8%
  • Cable - 65.58%
  • DSL - 80.1%
  • Copper - 0.04%
  • Fixed Wireless - 11.35%
  • Satellite - 100%

Widest Coverage Providers in Houston, TX

  • AT&T - 73.86%
  • Xfinity - 60.83%
  • AT&T Fiber - 34.3%

Here are the internet providers that have the best availability in Houston, TX, ranked by quality of service.

  1. AT&T - 1 Gbps - DSL and Television
  2. Xfinity - 2 Gbps - Cable, Television and Phone
  3. AT&T Fiber - 1 Gbps - Fiber and Television
  4. Viasat - 100 Mbps - Satellite and Phone
  5. CenturyLink - 100 Mbps - Fiber, DSL, Fixed Wireless, Television and Phone
  6. HughesNet - 25 Mbps - Satellite and Phone
  7. Spectrum - 15 Mbps - Fiber, Cable, Television and Phone
  8. Frontier - 12 Mbps - Fiber, DSL, Copper, Television and Phone
  9. Windstream - 1 Gbps - Fiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Phone

Compare Internet Providers in Houston, TX by Coverage Area

ProviderMax DownloadMax UploadBroadband TypeCoverage
1.AT&T logoAT&T1 Gbps1 GbpsDSL and Television73.86%
2.Cyberonic logoCyberonic11 Mbps11 MbpsFiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Fixed Wireless73.86%
3.Xfinity logoXfinity2 Gbps25 MbpsCable, Television and Phone60.83%
4.AT&T Fiber logoAT&T Fiber1 Gbps1 GbpsFiber and Television34.30%
5.EarthLink logoEarthLink75 Mbps3 MbpsFiber and DSL15.00%
6.Rise Broadband logoRise Broadband15 Mbps3 MbpsFixed Wireless11.19%
7.Viasat logoViasat100 Mbps3 MbpsSatellite and Phone8.70%
8.CenturyLink logoCenturyLink100 Mbps100 MbpsFiber, DSL, Fixed Wireless, Television and Phone6.35%
9.HughesNet logoHughesNet25 Mbps3 MbpsSatellite and Phone6.30%
10.En-Touch Systems logoEn-Touch Systems1 Gbps1 GbpsFiber and Cable4.71%
11.Global Capacity logoGlobal Capacity8 Mbps1 MbpsDSL and Copper4.12%
12.Suddenlink logoSuddenlink1 Gbps1 GbpsCable, Television and Phone3.57%
13.Spectrum logoSpectrum15 Mbps2 MbpsFiber, Cable, Television and Phone1.51%
14.Frontier logoFrontier12 Mbps2 MbpsFiber, DSL, Copper, Television and Phone1.05%
15.Consolidated Communications logoConsolidated Communications1 Gbps1 GbpsFiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Fixed Wireless0.66%
16.Windstream logoWindstream1 Gbps1 GbpsFiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Phone0.24%
17.Iguana Net logoIguana Net17 Mbps7 MbpsFixed Wireless0.15%
18.Lake Livingston Telephone Company logoLake Livingston Telephone Company5 Mbps~Fiber and DSL0.13%
19.Grande Communications logoGrande Communications1 Gbps1 GbpsFiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Television0.09%
20.IP Global logoIP Global6 Mbps~Fiber, Cable, DSL and Copper0.07%
21.LivCom logoLivCom25 Mbps2 MbpsFiber, Cable and DSL0.06%
22.Access Media 3 logoAccess Media 3100 Mbps100 MbpsFiber, Cable, DSL and Copper0.04%
23.Google Fiber logoGoogle Fiber1 Gbps1 GbpsFiber0.04%
24.eVolve Business Solutions logoeVolve Business Solutions3 Mbps3 MbpsFiber and Copper0.02%
25.DSL by Air logoDSL by Air10 Mbps5 MbpsFixed Wireless0.01%
26.Birch Communications logoBirch Communications6 Mbps~Fiber, DSL, Copper and Fixed Wireless0.01%
27.Wisper ISP logoWisper ISP20 Mbps4 MbpsFixed Wireless0.01%
28.AMA TechTel logoAMA TechTel45 Mbps45 MbpsFiber, DSL, Copper and Fixed Wireless~
29.SkyNet Communications logoSkyNet Communications10 Mbps3 MbpsFixed Wireless~
30.Hotwire Communications, Ltd. logoHotwire Communications, Ltd.15 Mbps5 MbpsFiber, Cable, Copper and Fixed Wireless~
31.Level 3 Communications logoLevel 3 Communications~~Fiber, DSL and Copper~
32.Cogent Communications logoCogent Communications~~Fiber and Copper~
33.FairPoint Communications logoFairPoint Communications20 Mbps2 MbpsFiber, Cable, DSL, Copper and Fixed Wireless~

Houston, TX - Broadband Availability and Coverage Map

Houston, TX has a total of 42 internet providers including  22 Fiber providers, 13 Cable providers, 17 DSL providers, 15 Copper providers, 12 Fixed Wireless providers and 2 Satellite providers.Houston has an average download speed of 144 Mbps and a maximum download speed of 2 Gbps.

Free wireless internet access points in Houston, TX

Harris County Public Library
8080 El Rio St
Houston, TX 77054
(713) 749-9000
Houston Area Library System
500 Mckinney Street Suite 400
Houston, TX 77002
(832) 393-1397
Houston Public Library
500 Mckinney St
Houston, TX 77002
(832) 393-1313