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Internet Service in Texas

Despite the fact that large areas of Texas are rural, over 90% of Texans have access to high speed Internet that is up to 10 Mbps in download speeds. Wireless Internet is available in 100% of the state. Cable Internet is available to 85.8% of Texans. DSL is available in 86.3% of the state. However, fiber Internet is only available to 11% of the population, all of whom are in major metropolitan areas. Multiple Texas cities are found on the list of places to move for Gigabit Internet.

74.6% of Texans have high speed Internet at home, a percentage lower than the national average. 7.7% of Texans have no Internet connection at home or work. Less than 50% of residents there have 3 or more Internet providers to choose from.


Population with faster than 1.00 Gbps available.


Population with only 100.00 Mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25.00 Mbps speeds or less available.

45.60 Mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Texas

Broadband in Texas

Largest Cities in TexasProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Abilene, TX221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps53.02 Mbps18.86 Mbps37
Allen, TX251.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps71.07 Mbps21.03 Mbps42
Amarillo, TX241.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps48.75 Mbps15.15 Mbps32
Arlington, TX351.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps54.50 Mbps46.62 Mbps47
Austin, TX391.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps102.10 Mbps66.45 Mbps62
Baytown, TX242.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps42.66 Mbps25.61 Mbps32
Beaumont, TX181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps39.77 Mbps29.90 Mbps36
Brownsville, TX191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps53.23 Mbps45.45 Mbps44
Bryan, TX241.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps71.16 Mbps40.41 Mbps41
Carrollton, TX261.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps34.91 Mbps14.63 Mbps32
College Station, TX241.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps71.93 Mbps39.92 Mbps40
Corpus Christi, TX231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps60.70 Mbps25.33 Mbps40
Dallas, TX391.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps51.88 Mbps23.22 Mbps40
Denton, TX321.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps38.75 Mbps21.94 Mbps37
Edinburg, TX171.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps33.10 Mbps23.75 Mbps27
El Paso, TX271.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps31.44 Mbps22.97 Mbps35
Flower Mound, TX261.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps27.29 Mbps12.13 Mbps23
Fort Worth, TX421.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps60.19 Mbps47.93 Mbps57
Frisco, TX262.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps83.15 Mbps57.10 Mbps56
Garland, TX291.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps11.49 Mbps5.75 Mbps22
Grand Prairie, TX321.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps30.74 Mbps20.86 Mbps31
Harlingen, TX181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps16.78 Mbps8.19 Mbps20
Houston, TX442.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps85.10 Mbps49.96 Mbps70
Irving, TX311.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps18.11 Mbps9.53 Mbps27
Killeen, TX171.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps11.30 Mbps3.42 Mbps16
Laredo, TX181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps94.81 Mbps84.48 Mbps53
League City, TX252.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps39.27 Mbps22.91 Mbps35
Lewisville, TX261.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps61.81 Mbps34.97 Mbps42
Longview, TX271.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps41.09 Mbps34.84 Mbps38
Lubbock, TX221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps79.32 Mbps39.75 Mbps46
McAllen, TX231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps42.66 Mbps33.30 Mbps37
Mesquite, TX311.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps45.54 Mbps16.88 Mbps31
Midland, TX231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps92.88 Mbps38.64 Mbps53
Mission, TX221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps58.55 Mbps49.20 Mbps44
Missouri City, TX272.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps48.35 Mbps26.14 Mbps36
North Richland Hills, TX311.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps12.85 Mbps4.15 Mbps18
Odessa, TX221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps115.84 Mbps50.81 Mbps50
Pasadena, TX272.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps74.82 Mbps58.99 Mbps50
Pearland, TX262.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps41.94 Mbps22.49 Mbps32
Pharr, TX191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps40.89 Mbps32.81 Mbps33
Plano, TX271.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps93.77 Mbps79.34 Mbps59
Richardson, TX231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps10.99 Mbps4.74 Mbps16
Round Rock, TX311.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps86.61 Mbps56.30 Mbps57
San Angelo, TX231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps73.10 Mbps39.13 Mbps46
San Antonio, TX401.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps50.85 Mbps20.79 Mbps42
Sugar Land, TX282.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps93.41 Mbps62.04 Mbps57
Temple, TX241.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps27.22 Mbps5.95 Mbps23
Tyler, TX261.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps44.43 Mbps39.03 Mbps39
Waco, TX251.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps65.20 Mbps44.59 Mbps42
Wichita Falls, TX231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps34.57 Mbps23.86 Mbps30
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
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Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in Texas
ProviderAvg. Speeds
Viasat25.00 Mbps
Exede25.00 Mbps
HughesNet25.00 Mbps
Bundle AT&T Internet and DirecTV23.56 Mbps
AT&T U-verse23.56 Mbps
Cyberonic11.00 Mbps
Spectrum102.17 Mbps
Rise Broadband7.49 Mbps
BelWave Communications50.00 Mbps
NextLink30.00 Mbps