IDN To Punycode Conversion - It's Easy With Our Simple Tool

If you're working with a domain name that contains international (non-English) characters, you need to convert the domain name into Punycode format before providing it to the DNS server.

These tools convert domain names from IDN to Punycode and from Punycode to IDN.

IDN to Punycode



Punycode to IDN

What Is IDN?

IDN stands for “internationalized domain name.” It is a domain name that uses characters besides the standard English letters, numbers, and symbols. They are represented with multi-byte Unicode.

For example, the IDN for Cologne Student Flats is kö This is mostly a standard domain name. For site from Greek or Indian, however, the entire domain name (other than the extension) can consist of international characters.

What Is Punycode?

Punycode is a system for representing Unicode IDNs using only the standard English characters, numbers, and symbols.

For example, the IDN we used above, kö, is represented in Punycode as

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