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Internet Service in Iowa

27.3% of Iowa residents have no connection to the Internet available to them personally. However, wireless or wired Internet at 10 Mbps download speed is available to 98.9% of the population of Iowa.

High speed Internet technology available in Iowa includes 30% - higher than average - fiber Internet availability. Wireless Internet is available to 99.9% of residents. 89.5% have available DSL. Cable is an option for 79.9% of residents. And when it comes to purchasing service, just over 40% of Iowans actually have more than 3 Internet service providers to choose from.

Surprisingly Iowa has better Internet access than many other states.


Population with faster than 1.00 Gbps available.


Population with only 100.00 Mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25.00 Mbps speeds or less available.

28.90 Mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Iowa

Broadband in Iowa

Largest Cities in IowaProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Altoona, IA23150.00 Mbps50.00 Mbps15.23 Mbps2.86 Mbps26
Ames, IA311.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps39.59 Mbps26.48 Mbps46
Ankeny, IA331.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps31.62 Mbps21.03 Mbps39
Bettendorf, IA221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps40.87 Mbps22.07 Mbps40
Boone, IA21150.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps23.99 Mbps10.97 Mbps29
Burlington, IA211.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps37.12 Mbps23.69 Mbps37
Carroll, IA121.00 Gbps200.00 Mbps49.75 Mbps8.47 Mbps29
Cedar Falls, IA211.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps56.17 Mbps30.68 Mbps46
Cedar Rapids, IA521.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps42.72 Mbps20.56 Mbps68
Clinton, IA22150.00 Mbps50.00 Mbps19.19 Mbps4.95 Mbps27
Clive, IA231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps19.35 Mbps5.88 Mbps32
Coralville, IA271.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps58.60 Mbps39.97 Mbps56
Council Bluffs, IA241.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps49.53 Mbps18.84 Mbps44
Creston, IA161.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps51.38 Mbps37.16 Mbps53
Davenport, IA281.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps21.41 Mbps8.57 Mbps33
Decorah, IA21150.00 Mbps30.00 Mbps16.38 Mbps4.47 Mbps23
Denison, IA14150.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps20.30 Mbps4.22 Mbps22
Des Moines, IA421.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps35.29 Mbps24.71 Mbps57
Dubuque, IA291.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps23.21 Mbps10.54 Mbps35
Fairfield, IA19150.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps23.83 Mbps10.46 Mbps27
Fort Dodge, IA21500.00 Mbps500.00 Mbps25.19 Mbps10.49 Mbps27
Fort Madison, IA171.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps43.85 Mbps31.30 Mbps43
Grimes, IA21150.00 Mbps50.00 Mbps15.97 Mbps3.05 Mbps24
Grinnell, IA15150.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps22.34 Mbps3.52 Mbps23
Indianola, IA221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps86.56 Mbps75.31 Mbps74
Iowa City, IA321.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps84.18 Mbps52.40 Mbps67
Johnston, IA291.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps25.11 Mbps12.51 Mbps37
Keokuk, IA181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps46.64 Mbps33.26 Mbps45
Le Mars, IA16100.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps21.34 Mbps8.75 Mbps21
Marion, IA281.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps70.35 Mbps34.12 Mbps60
Marshalltown, IA271.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps22.38 Mbps11.44 Mbps35
Mason City, IA23500.00 Mbps500.00 Mbps29.69 Mbps14.10 Mbps36
Mount Pleasant, IA191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps47.22 Mbps33.19 Mbps43
Muscatine, IA23150.00 Mbps50.00 Mbps11.75 Mbps1.73 Mbps25
Newton, IA191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps43.52 Mbps29.65 Mbps43
North Liberty, IA211.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps51.24 Mbps27.90 Mbps44
Norwalk, IA151.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps21.72 Mbps6.92 Mbps24
Oskaloosa, IA201.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps43.87 Mbps30.97 Mbps42
Ottumwa, IA14150.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps21.48 Mbps5.52 Mbps22
Pella, IA18150.00 Mbps50.00 Mbps21.32 Mbps5.55 Mbps29
Perry, IA211.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps24.40 Mbps12.33 Mbps31
Sioux City, IA301.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps51.51 Mbps12.46 Mbps48
Spencer, IA241.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps27.67 Mbps13.16 Mbps34
Storm Lake, IA16200.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps29.53 Mbps4.42 Mbps25
Urbandale, IA321.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps15.43 Mbps4.13 Mbps33
Waterloo, IA271.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps29.19 Mbps16.60 Mbps38
Waukee, IA191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps30.32 Mbps15.55 Mbps35
Waverly, IA151.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps37.35 Mbps19.32 Mbps34
Webster City, IA19150.00 Mbps50.00 Mbps19.35 Mbps7.91 Mbps24
West Des Moines, IA491.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps29.10 Mbps15.37 Mbps61
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
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Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in Iowa
ProviderAvg. Speeds
Viasat25.00 Mbps
Exede25.00 Mbps
HughesNet25.00 Mbps
Rise Broadband9.97 Mbps
Mediacom155.32 Mbps
CenturyLink25.75 Mbps
LTD Broadband30.00 Mbps
Windstream31.86 Mbps
Telephone and Data Systems1.00 Mbps
Natel20.27 Mbps