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Internet Service in New Jersey

Due to its dense population, New Jersey is able to successfully offer excellent high speed Internet options to most residents. 99.7% of those residing in New Jersey have the option of 10 Mbps high speed Internet service for their home.

In the Garden State, 93.3% of the population has DSL access. 98.3% has cable Internet access. 99.8% has wireless Internet as an option. An impressive 62.6% has fiber Internet availability. Even better for consumers is the fact that over 73% of them have the choice of 3 or more Internet service providers for their New Jersey service.

Despite this incredible availability, 26.5% of New Jersey residents have no Internet connection.


Population with faster than 1 gbps available.


Population with only 100 mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25 mbps speeds or less available.

41 mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for New Jersey

Broadband in New Jersey

Largest Cities in New JerseyProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Atlantic City, NJ172 gbps10 mbps14 mbps1 mbps28
Bayonne, NJ202 gbps100 mbps14 mbps3 mbps31
Bergenfield, NJ16100 mbps100 mbps9 mbps4 mbps22
Bridgeton, NJ102 gbps100 mbps29 mbps8 mbps35
Camden, NJ182 gbps100 mbps16 mbps4 mbps31
Carteret, NJ212 gbps10 mbps11 mbps1 mbps27
Cliffside Park, NJ20300 mbps100 mbps37 mbps5 mbps43
Clifton, NJ222 gbps100 mbps13 mbps3 mbps37
East Orange, NJ192 gbps100 mbps15 mbps4 mbps31
Elizabeth, NJ182 gbps100 mbps17 mbps4 mbps36
Elmwood Park, NJ16100 mbps100 mbps9 mbps4 mbps25
Englewood, NJ20300 mbps100 mbps35 mbps4 mbps40
Fair Lawn, NJ16100 mbps100 mbps9 mbps4 mbps23
Fort Lee, NJ19300 mbps100 mbps39 mbps5 mbps42
Garfield, NJ172 gbps100 mbps17 mbps4 mbps31
Glassboro, NJ162 gbps100 mbps18 mbps5 mbps31
Hackensack, NJ18300 mbps100 mbps41 mbps6 mbps42
Hawthorne, NJ18100 mbps100 mbps8 mbps4 mbps26
Hoboken, NJ202 gbps1 gbps64 mbps54 mbps100
Jersey City, NJ232 gbps100 mbps14 mbps4 mbps50
Kearny, NJ182 gbps100 mbps16 mbps4 mbps31
Lakewood, NJ191 gbps1 gbps8 mbps3 mbps26
Linden, NJ182 gbps100 mbps15 mbps3 mbps30
Lodi, NJ18100 mbps100 mbps7 mbps3 mbps24
Long Branch, NJ172 gbps100 mbps17 mbps3 mbps36
Millville, NJ122 gbps100 mbps20 mbps2 mbps28
New Brunswick, NJ20100 mbps100 mbps6 mbps3 mbps21
Newark, NJ232 gbps100 mbps14 mbps3 mbps34
Old Bridge, NJ19100 mbps100 mbps6 mbps2 mbps20
Palisades Park, NJ20300 mbps100 mbps37 mbps5 mbps42
Paramus, NJ19100 mbps100 mbps7 mbps4 mbps23
Passaic, NJ20100 mbps100 mbps8 mbps3 mbps26
Paterson, NJ20100 mbps100 mbps7 mbps3 mbps26
Perth Amboy, NJ212 gbps100 mbps13 mbps3 mbps31
Plainfield, NJ162 gbps100 mbps18 mbps5 mbps31
Pleasantville, NJ162 gbps100 mbps15 mbps1 mbps28
Rahway, NJ162 gbps100 mbps15 mbps1 mbps27
Ridgewood, NJ20100 mbps100 mbps7 mbps4 mbps27
Roselle, NJ192 gbps100 mbps15 mbps4 mbps31
Sayreville, NJ20100 mbps100 mbps5 mbps1 mbps17
Somerset, NJ162 gbps100 mbps17 mbps3 mbps32
South Plainfield, NJ182 gbps100 mbps16 mbps4 mbps31
Summit, NJ192 gbps100 mbps15 mbps4 mbps35
Toms River, NJ172 gbps100 mbps18 mbps5 mbps33
Trenton, NJ202 gbps100 mbps14 mbps4 mbps34
Union City, NJ19100 mbps100 mbps8 mbps3 mbps26
Vineland, NJ152 gbps100 mbps18 mbps4 mbps33
West New York, NJ21300 mbps100 mbps35 mbps5 mbps43
Westfield, NJ172 gbps100 mbps17 mbps5 mbps32
Woodbridge, NJ212 gbps100 mbps12 mbps1 mbps27
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
New Jersey state flag.
Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in New Jersey
ProviderAvg. Speeds
Viasat25 mbps
Exede25 mbps
HughesNet25 mbps
Verizon38 mbps
Xfinity from Comcast150 mbps
CenturyLink23 mbps
PenTeleData525 mbps
Service Electric Cable TV100 mbps
Global Capacity3 mbps
Time Warner is Now Spectrum300 mbps