19th Mobile Wireless Competition Report

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The FCC Needs Your Input

The Federal Communication Commission needs help with compiling the 19th report on the state of mobile wireless competition. Each year it creates a report analyzing this industry and it is looking for information from those in the know. Comments can be filed by May 31st and reply comments by June 15. It is seeking input from industry insiders, consumers, and other interested parties.

What The FCC Wants to Know

In its quest for input for the pending report, the FCC is looking for relevant details that occurred in the 2nd half of 2015 or the first half of 2016, such as:

  • Coverage by demographics, geography, technology and spectrum band.
  • Names and information on the service providers offering wireless technology, including the Internet of Things.
  • Availability of mobile wireless connections throughout the world.
  • Overall charge rates, and rates specific to individual providers.
  • Market shares and concentration.
  • Upstream spectrum/non-spectrum segments.
  • Consumer behavior in regards to mobile wireless services like handsets, mobile applications, and consumer usage.
  • Consumer behavior with intermodal developments like mobile-wireline substitution.
  • Pricing trends and levels.
  • Non-price factors that are competitive features for the different service providers.
  • Speed, latency and other performance metrics for mobile broadband networks.
  • The methodologies used in assessment.
  • Whether the metrics used in the 18th report were adequate for analyzing the competition.
  • Recommendations of metrics to use to adequately measure the mobile wireless industry.

The State of Competition

Top on the agenda of this year's report is clarifying the state of mobile wireless broadband competition in this country. The 18th annual report published last year in December included data on competition in the industry but was inconclusive in regards to whether or not the marketplace is actually considered competitive. There is contention within the industry about whether or not it is competitive and an independent assessment that clarifies things is needed.

Once published, the report will be available on its own dedicated website, and will be updated as more information comes to light. It will hopefully tell us if there is adequate deployment of advanced telecommunications in the mobile wireless industry.