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Internet Service in Maine

Largely rural Maine has less high speed Internet accessibility than many other states in the country. Only 94.2% of the state’s population can access 10 Mbps download speed wired or wireless Internet. 26.6% of those living in Maine have no Internet connection they can use.

Yet there are options in more heavily populated parts of the state. In Maine, available Internet technology includes DSL for 93.3% of the state, wireless Internet for 97.3% of the state, cable Internet for 88.5% of the population, and fiber Internet for a mere 1.7% of the state. More than 75% of the population has the choice of 3 or more ISPs, which means that those who do have high speed Internet availability have options to consider, which is always an advantage for consumers.


Population with faster than 1 gbps available.


Population with only 100 mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25 mbps speeds or less available.

16 mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Maine

Broadband in Maine

Largest Cities in MaineProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Alfred, ME17100 mbps25 mbps16 mbps3 mbps40
Auburn, ME18100 mbps25 mbps15 mbps2 mbps39
Augusta, ME17100 mbps25 mbps18 mbps3 mbps42
Bangor, ME24100 mbps50 mbps18 mbps5 mbps60
Bath, ME16150 mbps105 mbps32 mbps12 mbps60
Belfast, ME201 gbps1 gbps21 mbps7 mbps55
Biddeford, ME20105 mbps105 mbps16 mbps2 mbps42
Bowdoinham, ME12150 mbps25 mbps29 mbps4 mbps47
Brewer, ME24100 mbps25 mbps13 mbps2 mbps43
Brunswick, ME20150 mbps105 mbps18 mbps2 mbps47
Bucksport, ME17100 mbps25 mbps18 mbps3 mbps43
Calais, ME18100 mbps25 mbps17 mbps3 mbps46
Camden, ME18100 mbps50 mbps20 mbps5 mbps49
Caribou, ME16100 mbps100 mbps22 mbps8 mbps46
Casco, ME20100 mbps25 mbps12 mbps2 mbps38
Ellsworth, ME19100 mbps25 mbps17 mbps3 mbps44
Falmouth, ME18100 mbps25 mbps17 mbps3 mbps42
Farmington, ME12100 mbps25 mbps14 mbps2 mbps33
Gardiner, ME20100 mbps25 mbps16 mbps2 mbps43
Gorham, ME21100 mbps25 mbps16 mbps2 mbps43
Gray, ME19150 mbps150 mbps19 mbps3 mbps51
Hampden, ME26100 mbps40 mbps14 mbps3 mbps50
Houlton, ME15100 mbps25 mbps20 mbps3 mbps42
Kennebunk, ME17100 mbps25 mbps18 mbps3 mbps42
Kittery, ME161 gbps1 gbps36 mbps23 mbps100
Lewiston, ME161 gbps1 gbps18 mbps3 mbps42
Lincoln, ME24100 mbps40 mbps15 mbps4 mbps51
Lisbon Falls, ME19100 mbps25 mbps15 mbps2 mbps40
Madawaska, ME1250 mbps5 mbps18 mbps2 mbps33
Millinocket, ME19100 mbps25 mbps12 mbps3 mbps43
Naples, ME1650 mbps20 mbps13 mbps2 mbps34
Old Orchard Beach, ME1850 mbps5 mbps12 mbps1 mbps32
Old Town, ME23100 mbps25 mbps16 mbps2 mbps55
Orono, ME22100 mbps26 mbps11 mbps1 mbps36
Pittsfield, ME15100 mbps25 mbps20 mbps3 mbps42
Portland, ME22105 mbps105 mbps14 mbps2 mbps43
Presque Isle, ME14100 mbps100 mbps29 mbps10 mbps50
Rockland, ME18100 mbps50 mbps19 mbps5 mbps47
Rumford, ME15100 mbps25 mbps15 mbps2 mbps36
Saco, ME18100 mbps25 mbps18 mbps3 mbps42
Sanford, ME19105 mbps25 mbps21 mbps3 mbps48
Scarborough, ME20100 mbps25 mbps15 mbps2 mbps43
Skowhegan, ME16100 mbps25 mbps13 mbps3 mbps38
South Portland, ME18105 mbps105 mbps16 mbps2 mbps41
Standish, ME17100 mbps25 mbps16 mbps3 mbps40
Topsham, ME13150 mbps105 mbps27 mbps4 mbps46
Waterville, ME17157 mbps157 mbps18 mbps3 mbps43
Westbrook, ME20100 mbps25 mbps14 mbps2 mbps41
Yarmouth, ME18100 mbps25 mbps17 mbps3 mbps43
York Harbor, ME18100 mbps25 mbps17 mbps3 mbps43
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents