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Internet Service in Delaware

In Delaware, 29.4% of the population has no available internet connectivity available for their use, despite the fact that 99.1% of Delaware residents can access speeds of 10 Mbps on wireless internet.

In terms of technology, Delaware has successfully covered the vast majority of its residents by making high speed Internet available to them. Wireless internet is available to 99.2% of state residents, cable internet to 95.4% of residents, DSL to 79.2%, and fiber internet to a phenomenal 55.1% of residents.

More than 42% of Delaware residents have the choice of 3 or more providers of internet service. This equates to top choice in internet connectivity.


Population with faster than 1.00 Gbps available.


Population with only 100.00 Mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25.00 Mbps speeds or less available.

37.90 Mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Delaware

Broadband in Delaware

Largest Cities in DelawareProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Bear, DE172.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps18.24 Mbps6.05 Mbps81
Bethany Beach, DE12150.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps21.85 Mbps3.68 Mbps50
Bethel, DE152.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps16.17 Mbps2.05 Mbps49
Bridgeville, DE152.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps18.24 Mbps3.83 Mbps55
Brookside, DE132.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps23.64 Mbps7.49 Mbps67
Camden, DE82.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps31.66 Mbps4.90 Mbps53
Cheswold, DE132.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps23.47 Mbps7.53 Mbps78
Claymont, DE162.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps19.16 Mbps6.21 Mbps79
Clayton, DE112.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps23.75 Mbps4.66 Mbps58
Dagsboro, DE12150.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps20.61 Mbps3.41 Mbps52
Delaware City, DE15120.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps18.92 Mbps7.13 Mbps78
Delmar, DE142.00 Gbps25.00 Mbps21.25 Mbps4.28 Mbps53
Dover, DE132.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps23.03 Mbps6.99 Mbps75
Ellendale, DE152.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps16.27 Mbps2.06 Mbps49
Felton, DE162.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps15.54 Mbps1.94 Mbps49
Fenwick Island, DE122.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps22.53 Mbps2.91 Mbps49
Frankford, DE14150.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps19.15 Mbps3.20 Mbps51
Frederica, DE112.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps22.57 Mbps2.82 Mbps49
Georgetown, DE142.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps17.71 Mbps2.21 Mbps49
Glasgow, DE112.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps27.75 Mbps8.88 Mbps78
Greenwood, DE122.00 Gbps25.00 Mbps22.90 Mbps4.66 Mbps54
Harrington, DE132.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps19.10 Mbps2.38 Mbps49
Hartly, DE122.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps20.76 Mbps2.58 Mbps49
Hockessin, DE132.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps23.66 Mbps7.69 Mbps80
Houston, DE152.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps16.22 Mbps2.06 Mbps49
Kenton, DE152.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps16.41 Mbps2.06 Mbps49
Laurel, DE122.00 Gbps25.00 Mbps22.75 Mbps4.66 Mbps54
Lewes, DE152.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps26.56 Mbps3.48 Mbps59
Little Creek, DE122.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps26.30 Mbps9.06 Mbps83
Magnolia, DE112.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps22.46 Mbps2.81 Mbps49
Middletown, DE16120.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps17.89 Mbps6.78 Mbps80
Milford, DE152.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps16.51 Mbps2.08 Mbps52
Millsboro, DE12150.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps20.67 Mbps3.41 Mbps52
Millville, DE15150.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps17.98 Mbps2.99 Mbps51
Milton, DE122.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps33.16 Mbps4.25 Mbps59
New Castle, DE182.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps16.82 Mbps5.00 Mbps64
Newark, DE192.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps21.37 Mbps10.32 Mbps100
North Star, DE112.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps28.85 Mbps10.05 Mbps85
Ocean View, DE15150.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps18.08 Mbps3.08 Mbps52
Odessa, DE15120.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps16.52 Mbps6.37 Mbps71
Rehoboth Beach, DE112.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps22.63 Mbps2.82 Mbps49
Rising Sun-Lebanon, DE112.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps22.38 Mbps2.96 Mbps50
Riverview, DE122.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps20.34 Mbps2.56 Mbps49
Seaford, DE122.00 Gbps25.00 Mbps22.61 Mbps4.66 Mbps54
Selbyville, DE132.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps32.43 Mbps4.22 Mbps58
Smyrna, DE182.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps21.13 Mbps2.96 Mbps67
Townsend, DE13120.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps22.15 Mbps8.54 Mbps81
Viola, DE122.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps20.08 Mbps2.56 Mbps48
Wilmington, DE182.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps15.10 Mbps3.17 Mbps52
Woodside, DE122.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps19.96 Mbps2.56 Mbps48
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
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Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in Delaware
ProviderAvg. Speeds
Viasat25.00 Mbps
Exede25.00 Mbps
HughesNet25.00 Mbps
Verizon35.65 Mbps
Cyberonic11.00 Mbps
Xfinity from Comcast150.00 Mbps
Mediacom149.41 Mbps
Bloosurf25.00 Mbps
Atlantic Broadband116.18 Mbps
Delmarva WiFi25.00 Mbps