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Internet Service in Virginia

Luckily, 97.2% of Virginia residents can get 10 Mbps high speed Internet with either wireline or wireless service. Yet despite this fast service availability, 29.9% of Virginia residents are currently without Internet service.

However, this is not because there are no options. There are many ISPs waiting for you. 83.9% of Virginians have DSL access available for service. 79.5% has cable Internet options. 99.2% has wireless Internet available. Fiber Internet is available to 47.8% of the population. In order to ensure exceptional service, 47.1% of the Old Dominion State has the choice of 3 or more Internet service providers, giving you quality options.


Population with faster than 1.00 Gbps available.


Population with only 100.00 Mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25.00 Mbps speeds or less available.

38.60 Mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Virginia

Broadband in Virginia

Largest Cities in VirginiaProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Alexandria, VA192.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps23.91 Mbps2.98 Mbps38
Annandale, VA14200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps25.36 Mbps7.49 Mbps30
Arlington, VA232.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps29.77 Mbps5.91 Mbps46
Ashburn, VA202.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps24.15 Mbps5.96 Mbps33
Blacksburg, VA192.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps18.62 Mbps6.36 Mbps34
Bristol, VA112.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps122.50 Mbps7.88 Mbps58
Burke, VA16200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps22.76 Mbps7.10 Mbps31
Centreville, VA18200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps20.83 Mbps6.31 Mbps28
Chantilly, VA19200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps20.48 Mbps5.96 Mbps27
Charlottesville, VA182.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps17.59 Mbps4.68 Mbps34
Chesapeake, VA211.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps80.51 Mbps53.48 Mbps79
Chester, VA172.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps17.15 Mbps4.69 Mbps24
Christiansburg, VA202.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps18.47 Mbps2.21 Mbps35
Colonial Heights, VA132.00 Gbps11.00 Mbps18.92 Mbps2.38 Mbps22
Culpeper, VA172.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps17.32 Mbps4.88 Mbps25
Danville, VA222.00 Gbps25.00 Mbps17.16 Mbps2.58 Mbps42
Fairfax, VA17200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps20.57 Mbps5.72 Mbps30
Fredericksburg, VA192.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps27.10 Mbps5.31 Mbps44
Great Falls, VA182.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps29.05 Mbps6.75 Mbps33
Hampton, VA172.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps34.82 Mbps6.51 Mbps37
Harrisonburg, VA182.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps21.20 Mbps6.40 Mbps33
Herndon, VA15200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps24.32 Mbps6.77 Mbps28
Highland Springs, VA132.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps22.92 Mbps6.90 Mbps27
Hopewell, VA152.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps16.37 Mbps2.09 Mbps21
Leesburg, VA182.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps19.15 Mbps5.65 Mbps32
Lorton, VA15200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps23.03 Mbps6.45 Mbps32
Lynchburg, VA192.00 Gbps40.00 Mbps27.50 Mbps3.53 Mbps55
Manassas, VA132.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps24.27 Mbps6.61 Mbps23
Mechanicsville, VA192.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps13.15 Mbps1.75 Mbps22
Merrifield, VA18200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps27.79 Mbps6.01 Mbps38
Newport News, VA181.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps24.86 Mbps5.90 Mbps33
Norfolk, VA201.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps71.23 Mbps52.96 Mbps81
Oakton, VA18200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps20.84 Mbps6.05 Mbps28
Petersburg, VA162.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps15.53 Mbps2.04 Mbps24
Portsmouth, VA191.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps28.19 Mbps5.21 Mbps38
Radford, VA15101.00 Mbps11.00 Mbps15.02 Mbps2.46 Mbps33
Reston, VA212.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps24.77 Mbps5.72 Mbps39
Richmond, VA222.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps21.39 Mbps6.11 Mbps42
Roanoke, VA202.00 Gbps35.00 Mbps24.05 Mbps3.19 Mbps34
Rose Hill, VA13200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps27.24 Mbps7.89 Mbps30
Salem, VA162.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps29.53 Mbps3.60 Mbps32
Springfield, VA17200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps22.05 Mbps6.40 Mbps28
Staunton, VA212.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps14.22 Mbps2.19 Mbps30
Sterling, VA172.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps30.78 Mbps7.19 Mbps34
Suffolk, VA16100.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps12.51 Mbps1.73 Mbps23
Vienna, VA16200.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps22.33 Mbps6.67 Mbps30
Virginia Beach, VA222.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps97.70 Mbps76.05 Mbps87
Waynesboro, VA162.00 Gbps250.00 Mbps18.94 Mbps3.13 Mbps31
Williamsburg, VA161.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps25.13 Mbps3.61 Mbps30
Winchester, VA142.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps18.82 Mbps2.54 Mbps23
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
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Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in Virginia
ProviderAvg. Speeds
Viasat25.00 Mbps
Exede25.00 Mbps
HughesNet25.00 Mbps
Verizon28.03 Mbps
Cyberonic11.00 Mbps
Xfinity from Comcast148.61 Mbps
Cox216.40 Mbps
CenturyLink23.67 Mbps
Charter92.00 Mbps
Shentel Telecom93.14 Mbps