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Internet Service in North Carolina

In North Carolina, 96.9% of the state has the option of 10 Mbps wired or wireless Internet service. In fact, there is a good selection of Internet technology available throughout the state. 88% of the population has DSL access. 91.5% of those live in North Carolina have cable Internet. 98.9% of residents have wireless Internet. 9.5% of the Tar Heel State has fiber Internet.

However, just over 30% of the population has the choice of 3 or more Internet service providers, which means most consumers are lacking in choice when it comes to Internet service. In addition, in North Carolina, 33.8% of the population is without Internet connection.


Population with faster than 1.00 Gbps available.


Population with only 100.00 Mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25.00 Mbps speeds or less available.

26.80 Mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for North Carolina

Broadband in North Carolina

Largest Cities in North CarolinaProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Apex, NC201.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps35.41 Mbps15.64 Mbps38
Asheboro, NC191.00 Gbps40.00 Mbps30.01 Mbps2.75 Mbps40
Asheville, NC201.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps39.09 Mbps26.66 Mbps52
Boone, NC161.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps75.28 Mbps8.01 Mbps52
Burlington, NC201.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps20.85 Mbps2.32 Mbps28
Carrboro, NC181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps32.85 Mbps11.51 Mbps30
Cary, NC221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps35.00 Mbps13.46 Mbps44
Chapel Hill, NC221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps32.09 Mbps13.76 Mbps43
Charlotte, NC291.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps33.52 Mbps12.51 Mbps61
Clayton, NC161.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps33.00 Mbps9.51 Mbps38
Clemmons, NC191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps35.71 Mbps15.55 Mbps39
Concord, NC181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps103.28 Mbps25.53 Mbps73
Cornelius, NC231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps33.21 Mbps5.98 Mbps47
Durham, NC201.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps115.32 Mbps96.69 Mbps79
Elizabeth City, NC16300.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps34.69 Mbps3.95 Mbps34
Fayetteville, NC181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps27.52 Mbps3.14 Mbps39
Garner, NC191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps36.00 Mbps13.41 Mbps36
Gastonia, NC211.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps28.49 Mbps5.72 Mbps35
Goldsboro, NC171.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps33.50 Mbps3.68 Mbps34
Greensboro, NC231.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps61.26 Mbps7.49 Mbps51
Greenville, NC181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps81.25 Mbps25.27 Mbps64
Havelock, NC14300.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps28.55 Mbps2.95 Mbps30
Hickory, NC19100.00 Mbps11.00 Mbps11.52 Mbps1.57 Mbps23
High Point, NC221.00 Gbps30.00 Mbps33.52 Mbps2.55 Mbps44
Holly Springs, NC181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps49.97 Mbps28.22 Mbps49
Huntersville, NC221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps33.91 Mbps7.17 Mbps43
Indian Trail, NC151.00 Gbps20.00 Mbps28.72 Mbps2.97 Mbps34
Jacksonville, NC171.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps88.44 Mbps61.65 Mbps91
Kannapolis, NC181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps73.79 Mbps5.70 Mbps63
Kernersville, NC181.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps47.01 Mbps6.49 Mbps42
Kinston, NC141.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps35.69 Mbps23.08 Mbps47
Lenoir, NC21100.00 Mbps11.00 Mbps11.04 Mbps1.49 Mbps23
Lexington, NC16300.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps24.57 Mbps2.56 Mbps32
Lumberton, NC19300.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps23.55 Mbps2.72 Mbps30
Matthews, NC171.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps33.00 Mbps3.76 Mbps37
Monroe, NC18300.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps24.70 Mbps2.53 Mbps33
Mooresville, NC171.00 Gbps100.00 Mbps42.15 Mbps4.40 Mbps43
Morganton, NC17100.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps19.35 Mbps3.02 Mbps25
Morrisville, NC161.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps46.24 Mbps20.45 Mbps43
New Bern, NC111.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps126.51 Mbps30.25 Mbps70
Raleigh, NC221.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps33.21 Mbps12.62 Mbps44
Rocky Mount, NC161.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps88.53 Mbps20.36 Mbps69
Salisbury, NC191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps76.11 Mbps55.56 Mbps81
Sanford, NC17300.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps31.37 Mbps3.48 Mbps36
Shelby, NC19300.00 Mbps20.00 Mbps21.96 Mbps2.35 Mbps32
Statesville, NC18300.00 Mbps100.00 Mbps25.17 Mbps3.52 Mbps35
Thomasville, NC121.00 Gbps30.00 Mbps52.22 Mbps3.12 Mbps40
Wake Forest, NC191.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps26.92 Mbps6.03 Mbps39
Wilmington, NC171.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps29.90 Mbps2.96 Mbps35
Wilson, NC151.00 Gbps1.00 Gbps94.58 Mbps69.82 Mbps100
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
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Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in North Carolina
ProviderAvg. Speeds
Viasat25.00 Mbps
Exede25.00 Mbps
HughesNet25.00 Mbps
Spectrum294.57 Mbps
Bundle AT&T Internet and DirecTV29.18 Mbps
AT&T U-verse29.18 Mbps
Cyberonic11.00 Mbps
CenturyLink22.88 Mbps
Charter92.64 Mbps
Windstream38.64 Mbps