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What You Need to Know About Moving to Connecticut

Published: 3/21/2017 | Author: BroadbandSearch

What You Need to Know About Moving to Connecticut

Connecticut is an exciting state in which to live. It offers a variety of different types of communities to meet any need. Small towns, cities, seaside communities and upscale suburbs are waiting for you to choose from. As you prepare for a move to the Nutmeg State, there are some facts you need to know.

  • Connecticut is predominantly small town. While parts of the state are close to the Big Apple, it is very much a collection of small communities where people know most everyone else.
  • There is no getting around the fact that living in Connecticut is costly. Housing prices are incredibly high, one of the 10 highest states in the country. This is largely because of its proximity to New York City, making it a choice for many high income households that choose to commute. To find homes that are more affordable, you will need to go inland and further from NYC.
  • Living in Connecticut ensures that you will get 4 distinct seasons. While fall and spring are mild and pleasant, summer can be very hot and winter very cold with massive snowfalls. All of that aside, every season has its fans and there is lots to do in all seasons in Connecticut.
  • The sea impacts life in Connecticut from the abundance of seafood in local cuisine, to the popularity of boating.
  • Foods typical to Connecticut include hamburgers, white clam pizza, grinders, shad, and typical New England fare.
  • College and professional sports are big in Connecticut.  Residents there are hardcore fans who enjoy tailgating, attending games, and watching them on TV. Because there are no pro sports teams in Connecticut, New York and Boston teams vie for the attention of these fans and most of the state is split down the middle when it comes to fanhood.
  • Culture is rich in Connecticut. Concerts, plays and shows are easy to find. And if you’re willing to travel into the city, the choice is endless.
  • Education is a big focus in the Constitution State, as it is home to Yale. But even from elementary school, there is a quality education throughout the state.
  • History is rich in New England, so much so that many old homes are reputed to be haunted. If this is a concern of yours, you may want to have your next Connecticut home screened for ghosts before you close the deal.
  • Living in Connecticut means you will deal with traffic. As one of the five most densely populated states, you will find congestion on the roads throughout the state especially during commute times.
  • While the vast majority of the state has access to fast Internet speeds up to 10 Mbps, the actual speeds and choice of providers varies depending on where you live with fewer options in rural areas. Find out what types of Internet, and other home services, you can access in your new zip code with an online search tool.

With these tips to help you get started, you are on your way to a successful adjustment in your new Connecticut home.



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Published: 3/21/2017

Author: BroadbandSearch

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