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Internet Service in Kansas

In Kansas, 99.6% of the population can access wireless or wired Internet at speeds of up to 10 Mbps from their home. Yet still, 25% of Kansas residents have no Internet connection available to them

Amongst the types of Internet available in the Sunflower State, DSL is an option for 86.2% of the population, cable Internet is available to 83.1%, fiber Internet is an option for almost 20%, and wireless Internet is available to 100%. With the exception of wireless Internet, these are slightly below the national average.

Over 29% of Kansas residents have more than 2 ISPs available to choose from. This is significantly less than most states, making the Kansas Internet market one that is not very competitive.

Broadband in Kansas

CityProvidersAvg. Landline Speeds (mbps)Avg. WiFi Speeds (mbps)State Availability Rank*Country Availability Rank*Broadband Score
Abilene, KS110.57N/AN/A0.04N/AN/A32
Andover, KS172.39N/AN/A0.54N/AN/A37
Arkansas City, KS172.97N/AN/A0.06N/AN/A39
Atchison, KS162.47N/AN/A0.05N/AN/A30
Augusta, KS172.39N/AN/A0.54N/AN/A37
Bonner Springs, KS153.29N/AN/A0.37N/AN/A40
Chanute, KS192.81N/AN/A0.07N/AN/A38
Coffeyville, KS171.76N/AN/A0.32N/AN/A37
Derby, KS178.67N/AN/A0.60N/AN/A40
Dodge City, KS117.94N/AN/A0.49N/AN/A36
El Dorado, KS172.39N/AN/A0.54N/AN/A37
Emporia, KS132.13N/AN/A0.05N/AN/A37
Eudora, KS1312.50N/AN/A0.88N/AN/A37
Fort Riley, KS12N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A34
Fort Scott, KS120.51N/AN/A0.06N/AN/A37
Garden City, KS132.51N/AN/A0.70N/AN/A35
Gardner, KS2110.59N/AN/A1.83N/AN/A83
Great Bend, KS101.40N/AN/A0.25N/AN/A35
Hays, KS124.81N/AN/A0.25N/AN/A37
Haysville, KS178.67N/AN/A0.60N/AN/A40
Hutchinson, KS163.01N/AN/A0.76N/AN/A60
Independence, KS171.76N/AN/A0.32N/AN/A37
Junction City, KS132.65N/AN/A0.18N/AN/A34
Kansas City, KS163.29N/AN/A0.3759162
Lansing, KS182.16N/AN/A0.56N/AN/A40
Lawrence, KS1512.50N/AN/A0.8869239
Leavenworth, KS182.16N/AN/A0.56N/AN/A40
Liberal, KS120.46N/AN/A0.48N/AN/A36
Manhattan, KS132.68N/AN/A0.5018736
Mcpherson, KS122.52N/AN/A0.50N/AN/A33
Mulvane, KS142.32N/AN/A0.21N/AN/A33
Newton, KS133.68N/AN/A0.34N/AN/A38
Olathe, KS2310.59N/AN/A1.8349085
Ottawa, KS1412.65N/AN/A0.38N/AN/A35
Parsons, KS190.36N/AN/A0.46N/AN/A37
Pittsburg, KS172.78N/AN/A0.66N/AN/A38
Pratt, KS102.16N/AN/A0.04N/AN/A34
Salina, KS152.48N/AN/A0.55N/AN/A38
Topeka, KS176.69N/AN/A2.0828840
Ulysses, KS72.13N/AN/A0.05N/AN/A32
Valley Center, KS178.67N/AN/A0.60N/AN/A40
Wellington, KS112.32N/AN/A0.21N/AN/A31
Wichita, KS178.67N/AN/A0.6038940
Winfield, KS172.97N/AN/A0.06N/AN/A39
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
Kansas state flag.

Broadband Service in Kansas

Since 2009, the Department of Commerce, State of Kansas has been awarded $6,371,514.00 in federal dollars for Kansas's "Kansas Broadband Initiative" program. Kansas has awarded these monies to 4 organizations and departments within the state.

Google is starting the free fiber offer in Kansas City, in which the gigabit service costs $70.

Follow developments with Kansas's broadband initiatives:

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