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Internet Service in Oregon

In Oregon, 98.2% of residents can get 10 Mbps fast Internet service from wireline or wireless providers. Yet despite this availability of high speed internet, there are still 35.4% of Oregon residents without Internet service.

In Oregon, 96.4% of the population has access to DSL service, 86.5% has the choice of cable Internet, 99.5% has wireless Internet options and an incredibly high 76.7% of people have fiber Internet availability, making it one of the states with the most extensive fiber reaches. 82% of shoppers have more than 3 or more Internet service providers to choose from, ensuring true choice for great service.


Population with faster than 1 gbps available.


Population with only 100 mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25 mbps speeds or less available.

36 mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Oregon

Broadband in Oregon

Largest Cities in OregonProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Albany, OR131 gbps1 gbps33 mbps6 mbps35
Ashland, OR12100 mbps100 mbps26 mbps2 mbps27
Astoria, OR13100 mbps40 mbps27 mbps4 mbps31
Baker City, OR9100 mbps10 mbps12 mbps3 mbps26
Beaverton, OR151 gbps1 gbps35 mbps11 mbps33
Bend, OR131 gbps1 gbps15 mbps4 mbps23
Canby, OR71 gbps1 gbps155 mbps111 mbps94
Central Point, OR101 gbps1 gbps33 mbps4 mbps28
Coos Bay, OR10100 mbps5 mbps35 mbps2 mbps28
Cornelius, OR12250 mbps30 mbps32 mbps7 mbps28
Corvallis, OR121 gbps1 gbps34 mbps4 mbps35
Cottage Grove, OR15100 mbps40 mbps20 mbps2 mbps35
Dallas, OR131 gbps1 gbps29 mbps3 mbps25
Eugene, OR151 gbps1 gbps26 mbps4 mbps32
Fairview, OR111 gbps1 gbps123 mbps97 mbps78
Forest Grove, OR9250 mbps30 mbps43 mbps10 mbps28
Gladstone, OR9250 mbps40 mbps45 mbps6 mbps29
Grants Pass, OR121 gbps1 gbps28 mbps3 mbps29
Gresham, OR121 gbps1 gbps46 mbps17 mbps36
Hermiston, OR101 gbps1 gbps45 mbps18 mbps37
Hillsboro, OR13250 mbps30 mbps30 mbps7 mbps29
Keizer, OR91 gbps1 gbps47 mbps6 mbps27
Klamath Falls, OR12100 mbps100 mbps37 mbps5 mbps31
La Grande, OR10100 mbps20 mbps30 mbps2 mbps24
Lake Oswego, OR111 gbps1 gbps39 mbps9 mbps29
Lebanon, OR9250 mbps25 mbps44 mbps6 mbps29
McMinnville, OR11250 mbps100 mbps34 mbps7 mbps27
Medford, OR101 gbps1 gbps38 mbps7 mbps31
Monmouth, OR9100 mbps5 mbps36 mbps3 mbps21
Newberg, OR12250 mbps30 mbps34 mbps7 mbps30
Newport, OR16250 mbps40 mbps40 mbps4 mbps44
North Bend, OR9100 mbps5 mbps39 mbps3 mbps28
Ontario, OR91 gbps50 mbps55 mbps4 mbps27
Oregon City, OR131 gbps1 gbps134 mbps83 mbps70
Pendleton, OR9100 mbps40 mbps33 mbps3 mbps27
Portland, OR231 gbps1 gbps107 mbps88 mbps86
Prineville, OR10100 mbps50 mbps19 mbps3 mbps23
Redmond, OR121 gbps1 gbps15 mbps4 mbps21
Roseburg, OR121 gbps250 mbps39 mbps6 mbps37
Salem, OR161 gbps1 gbps53 mbps12 mbps47
Sandy, OR7250 mbps10 mbps48 mbps3 mbps25
Sherwood, OR8250 mbps30 mbps47 mbps10 mbps25
Silverton, OR8250 mbps10 mbps44 mbps3 mbps26
Springfield, OR141 gbps1 gbps27 mbps4 mbps32
The Dalles, OR131 gbps1 gbps100 mbps79 mbps77
Troutdale, OR11250 mbps30 mbps32 mbps6 mbps25
Tualatin, OR12250 mbps40 mbps58 mbps9 mbps32
West Linn, OR131 gbps1 gbps35 mbps6 mbps36
Wilsonville, OR12250 mbps30 mbps53 mbps6 mbps33
Woodburn, OR161 gbps1 gbps39 mbps15 mbps50
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
Oregon state flag.
Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in Oregon
ProviderAvg. Speeds
HughesNet25 mbps
ViaSat25 mbps
Exede25 mbps
CenturyLink32 mbps
XFINITY by Comcast250 mbps
Charter Communications100 mbps
Spectrum100 mbps
Frontier18 mbps
Alyrica Networks, Inc.40 mbps
OnlineNW11 mbps