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Internet Service in Maryland

99.1% of the population of Maryland can get wired or wireless Internet service at speeds of up to 10 Mbps. In fact, there is a variety of Internet options available to more than the majority of the state: 99.3% can get wireless Internet, 94.7% can get cable Internet, 86.9% can get DSL, and an impressive 60% can access fiber Internet. Almost 75% of Maryland has the choice of three or more ISPs available where they live.

However, the reality is that 25.9% of Maryland residents still don’t have Internet connection. The availability of Internet options is largely dependent on the area of Maryland in which one resides, with urban and suburban Maryland having the best choice in ISPs and speed.


Population with faster than 1 gbps available.


Population with only 100 mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25 mbps speeds or less available.

43 mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Maryland

Broadband in Maryland

Largest Cities in MarylandProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Annapolis, MD13150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps8 mbps30
Arnold, MD12150 mbps100 mbps30 mbps8 mbps40
Baltimore, MD171 gbps1 gbps56 mbps41 mbps65
Beltsville, MD10150 mbps100 mbps28 mbps7 mbps27
Bethesda, MD13155 mbps100 mbps34 mbps8 mbps42
Bowie, MD12150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps8 mbps37
Catonsville, MD11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps7 mbps28
Clinton, MD11150 mbps100 mbps27 mbps8 mbps29
Cockeysville, MD12150 mbps100 mbps28 mbps9 mbps31
College Park, MD10150 mbps100 mbps28 mbps7 mbps28
Columbia, MD13150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps8 mbps30
Crofton, MD11150 mbps100 mbps27 mbps8 mbps31
Cumberland, MD13400 mbps25 mbps58 mbps4 mbps49
Dundalk, MD11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps7 mbps31
Edgewood, MD11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps6 mbps28
Ellicott City, MD13150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps8 mbps31
Essex, MD11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps7 mbps31
Fort Washington, MD9150 mbps100 mbps34 mbps10 mbps29
Frederick, MD15150 mbps100 mbps29 mbps3 mbps40
Gaithersburg, MD14155 mbps100 mbps32 mbps8 mbps40
Germantown, MD10150 mbps100 mbps30 mbps9 mbps29
Glen Burnie, MD12150 mbps100 mbps29 mbps7 mbps39
Greenbelt, MD11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps6 mbps30
Hagerstown, MD14150 mbps100 mbps30 mbps3 mbps40
Hyattsville, MD12150 mbps100 mbps24 mbps6 mbps31
Laurel, MD11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps7 mbps28
Middle River, MD12150 mbps100 mbps24 mbps6 mbps31
Montgomery Village, MD12155 mbps100 mbps37 mbps9 mbps37
Odenton, MD9150 mbps100 mbps39 mbps9 mbps36
Olney, MD13150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps8 mbps31
Owings Mills, MD9150 mbps100 mbps37 mbps13 mbps28
Oxon Hill, MD11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps7 mbps28
Parkville, MD9150 mbps100 mbps32 mbps8 mbps31
Pasadena, MD11150 mbps100 mbps32 mbps8 mbps39
Perry Hall, MD12150 mbps100 mbps24 mbps6 mbps31
Pikesville, MD12150 mbps100 mbps25 mbps6 mbps35
Potomac, MD12150 mbps100 mbps25 mbps8 mbps32
Randallstown, MD12150 mbps100 mbps27 mbps8 mbps31
Reisterstown, MD12150 mbps100 mbps24 mbps6 mbps31
Rockville, MD13155 mbps100 mbps35 mbps7 mbps42
Rosedale, MD9150 mbps100 mbps30 mbps7 mbps29
Salisbury, MD12150 mbps25 mbps24 mbps4 mbps25
Severn, MD11150 mbps100 mbps32 mbps8 mbps37
Severna Park, MD10150 mbps100 mbps36 mbps9 mbps36
Silver Spring, MD13155 mbps100 mbps32 mbps7 mbps41
Suitland, MD10150 mbps100 mbps28 mbps7 mbps28
Takoma Park, MD11155 mbps100 mbps37 mbps8 mbps37
Towson, MD12150 mbps100 mbps25 mbps6 mbps30
Waldorf, MD10150 mbps100 mbps29 mbps7 mbps28
Westminster, MD13500 mbps500 mbps22 mbps4 mbps37
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
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Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in Maryland
ProviderAvg. Speeds
HughesNet25 mbps
Exede25 mbps
ViaSat25 mbps
Verizon33 mbps
XFINITY by Comcast143 mbps
Telegia Communications30 mbps
Bloosurf25 mbps
Delmarva WiFi25 mbps
All Points Broadband.com15 mbps
Atlantic Broadband120 mbps