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There are a total of 617 records available.

AT&T U-verse logoAT&T U-verse(855) 441-4668Serving a population of 319,220,047.
Verizon logoVerizon(844) 338-4948Serving a population of 312,996,328.
MegaPath logoMegaPath(866) 248-8610Serving a population of 141,651,573.
Frontier Communications logoFrontier Communications(855) 410-2209Serving a population of 17,978,908. 336-0727Serving a population of 16,219,718.
Telepak Networks logoTelepak Networks(800) 342-3716Serving a population of 4,182,049.
FairPoint Communications logoFairPoint Communications(866) 984-2001Serving a population of 3,218,752.
EarthLink logoEarthLink(877) 355-1501Serving a population of 2,942,017.
Sonic Telecom logoSonic Telecom(888) 766-4233Serving a population of 2,658,551.
Nextera Communications logoNextera Communications(877) 639-8372Serving a population of 2,391,346.
On-Ramp Indiana logoOn-Ramp Indiana(317) 774-2100Serving a population of 1,929,632.
ProTronics Technologies logoProTronics Technologies(636) 940-1835Serving a population of 1,881,627.
EasyStreet Online Services logoEasyStreet Online Services(877) 567-3279Serving a population of 1,662,024.
Bright Net logoBright Net(866) 560-3557Serving a population of 1,558,977.
Internet Nebraska Corporation logoInternet Nebraska Corporation(402) 434-8680Serving a population of 1,537,629.
Consolidated Communications logoConsolidated Communications(855) 224-2029Serving a population of 1,459,440.
Succeed.Net logoSucceed.Net(530) 674-4200Serving a population of 1,398,131.
Brandenburg Cellular Corporation logoBrandenburg Cellular Corporation(888) 830-2682Serving a population of 1,155,696.
Grande Communications logoGrande Communications(855) 410-1861Serving a population of 1,152,736.
Xchange Telecom Corp. logoXchange Telecom Corp.(877) 853-3443Serving a population of 1,052,392.

There are a total of 617 records available.

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