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Internet Service in Massachusetts

99.3% of the population of Massachusetts has high speed wired or wireless Internet available to them at a speed of 10 Mbps for downloads. Over 60% of Massachusetts residents have the luxury of real choice with 3 or more providers to select from for Internet service.

The Bay State has a variety of tech Internet options available to consumers: DSL for 93.2% of the population, cable Internet for 98.6%, wireless Internet for 99.7%, and fiber Internet for 39.4% of the population.

Despite these impressive offerings, 25.6% of Massachusetts residents don’t have access to an Internet connection that they can use.


Population with faster than 1 gbps available.


Population with only 100 mbps speeds or less available.


Population with only 25 mbps speeds or less available.

40 mbps

Average internet download speed across the state


Population with no wired internet access available.


Population with wired internet access available.


Population underserved with minimum service options available


Average broadband score for Massachusetts

Broadband in Massachusetts

Largest Cities in MassachusettsProvidersMax Speeds (mbps)Avg. Speeds (mbps)Broadband Score
Arlington, MA10500 mbps500 mbps92 mbps59 mbps60
Attleboro, MA9300 mbps100 mbps60 mbps6 mbps37
Beverly, MA11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps3 mbps29
Boston, MA18500 mbps500 mbps54 mbps34 mbps66
Brockton, MA11150 mbps100 mbps22 mbps2 mbps24
Brookline, MA14500 mbps500 mbps64 mbps39 mbps60
Cambridge, MA15500 mbps500 mbps63 mbps39 mbps58
Chelsea, MA8500 mbps500 mbps92 mbps65 mbps63
Chicopee, MA12150 mbps10 mbps36 mbps2 mbps30
Danvers, MA10150 mbps100 mbps29 mbps8 mbps26
Everett, MA9500 mbps500 mbps82 mbps59 mbps55
Fall River, MA13300 mbps100 mbps57 mbps5 mbps42
Fitchburg, MA8150 mbps100 mbps35 mbps9 mbps29
Framingham, MA12155 mbps100 mbps52 mbps9 mbps43
Gloucester, MA11150 mbps50 mbps28 mbps8 mbps24
Haverhill, MA11150 mbps100 mbps22 mbps2 mbps22
Holyoke, MA10150 mbps10 mbps47 mbps4 mbps37
Lawrence, MA10150 mbps100 mbps28 mbps7 mbps26
Leominster, MA9150 mbps100 mbps32 mbps8 mbps25
Lexington, MA11155 mbps100 mbps42 mbps10 mbps41
Lowell, MA10150 mbps100 mbps24 mbps2 mbps22
Lynn, MA11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps7 mbps29
Malden, MA10150 mbps100 mbps28 mbps7 mbps26
Marlborough, MA15155 mbps100 mbps41 mbps7 mbps43
Medford, MA12155 mbps100 mbps33 mbps7 mbps33
Melrose, MA9155 mbps100 mbps47 mbps11 mbps35
Milford, MA10150 mbps100 mbps49 mbps8 mbps33
Milton, MA12155 mbps100 mbps30 mbps3 mbps31
Needham, MA14155 mbps100 mbps31 mbps7 mbps36
New Bedford, MA11150 mbps100 mbps22 mbps2 mbps22
Newton, MA14155 mbps100 mbps33 mbps7 mbps42
Northampton, MA12150 mbps10 mbps36 mbps3 mbps32
Norwood, MA8150 mbps100 mbps37 mbps10 mbps27
Peabody, MA10150 mbps100 mbps24 mbps3 mbps22
Pittsfield, MA1350 mbps10 mbps17 mbps2 mbps31
Quincy, MA12155 mbps100 mbps32 mbps3 mbps30
Randolph, MA8150 mbps100 mbps36 mbps10 mbps27
Reading, MA10155 mbps100 mbps45 mbps10 mbps35
Revere, MA10150 mbps100 mbps24 mbps3 mbps24
Salem, MA8150 mbps100 mbps30 mbps3 mbps22
Saugus, MA11155 mbps100 mbps32 mbps4 mbps31
Somerville, MA14500 mbps500 mbps64 mbps39 mbps60
Springfield, MA14150 mbps10 mbps31 mbps2 mbps35
Taunton, MA11150 mbps100 mbps26 mbps7 mbps28
Wakefield, MA11155 mbps100 mbps39 mbps8 mbps35
Waltham, MA12155 mbps100 mbps35 mbps7 mbps34
Wellesley, MA11155 mbps100 mbps39 mbps9 mbps35
Westfield, MA101 gbps1 gbps143 mbps103 mbps100
Woburn, MA12155 mbps100 mbps35 mbps8 mbps34
Worcester, MA11100 mbps100 mbps26 mbps2 mbps23
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents
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Top 10 Providers (by Coverage) in Massachusetts
ProviderAvg. Speeds
ViaSat25 mbps
Exede25 mbps
HughesNet25 mbps
Verizon29 mbps
XFINITY by Comcast150 mbps
Spectrum90 mbps
Charter Communications100 mbps
RCN Telecom Services129 mbps
Time Warner50 mbps
Global Capacity3 mbps