Cell Phone Service Providers

Staying connected is more important than ever in today's society. People are constantly connected via text, voice, and data on their mobile devices. Choosing A Wireless Provider can be a difficult task, but we have compiled plans and pricing on the top cell phone carriers across the United States to help make your choice easier.

Compare Mobile Options In Your Area

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Metro by T-Mobile logoMetro by T-Mobile(855) 636-7216New name. New unlimited plans featuring Amazon Prime & Google One.

Metro by T-Mobile provides Mobile services.

Illinois Valley Cellular logoIllinois Valley Cellular(800) 438-4824Now celebrating its 25th year of operation, Illinois Valley Cellular is devoted to providing excellent cellular service to the Illinois Valley Area.

Illinois Valley Cellular provides Mobile services.


Who are the Largest Cell Phone Carriers?

  • AT&T Mobility
  • Verizon Wireless
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint

How Cell Phone Service Work?

There are number of different technologies that go into making your cell phone or smart device function, but the most important distinction for mobile data is between 3G and 4G (LTE). These two technologies refer to the type of signal or network that your device is connected to and it transmitting data across. The newer network 4G or 4G LTE is available on all of the major US carriers, but can be harder to find in more rural areas. It is important to look into the service footprint of each provider before committing to a contract to make sure you will get the best service in your area.

How Fast is Cell Phone Service

Cell phone service has a wide range of speed, which depends on the network that you are connected to at the time of usage. It is important to also note that you can achieve much fast speeds, if you are connected to your home or public WiFi networks.

Below we have some numbers to give an example of the types of speeds you may encounter, but please check your provider or plan for your individual service.

3G: Average Download Speeds up to 5Mbps and Upload Speeds up to 1Mbps

4G: Average Download Speeds up to 50Mbps and Upload Speeds up to 10Mbps