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AT&T Mobility Plans and Pricing

AT&T Mobility

AT&T Mobility Plans and Pricing

AT&T Mobility is ranked #4 of the largest provider in the U.S., in terms of availability to customers.

AT&T Mobility offers Internet service to approximately 319,220,047 people in 0 cities over 0 states.

AT&T Mobility offers Internet service via the following technology: Mobile

AT&T Unlimited Choice
by AT&T Mobility
$60.00 per month for 12 months
$60.00 / mo.
AT&T Unlimited Plus
by AT&T Mobility
$90.00 per month for 12 months
$90.00 / mo.

AT&T Mobility Information

What is AT&T Mobility?

AT&T Mobility LLC came about in 2004 after AT&T Wireless merged with Cingular Wireless. The company remained under the Cingular brand name until 2007 when it was officially marketed as AT&T Mobility. Since then, AT&T Mobility has grown to be the second largest mobile provider in the country and most recently purchased DirecTV to expand their entertainment offerings. The AT&T Mobility Headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA and the current CEO is Glenn Lurie. There are now two plan options for AT&T Unlimited Data and multiple options for AT&T Family Plans.

All New AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

AT&T Mobility has introduced two new options for unlimited plans data plans: Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Plus. These plans have no monthly overages, but after 22 GB of data your speeds may slow to only allow for light internet browsing. With an AT&T Unlimited Data Plan, you get the option to purchase a new phone or bring your old one with you. There are payment plans to help offset the cost of a new phone.

Advantages of an AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

When you choose AT&T unlimited Data Plan, it allows you to take control of your monthly cell phone bill. You get all the primary benefits of having a top rated mobile provider plus so much more. Some of these additional benefits include:

  • Unlimited talk and text to over 120 countries
  • Mobile hotspot access
  • Roaming coverage in Canada and Mexico
  • HBO Subscription

What is the price of an AT&T Unlimited Data Plan?

The first line for the Unlimited Choice plan starts at $60/month and $115/month for the second line. The first line with Unlimited Plus plan is $90/month and the second line is $145/month. Smart devices cost an Additional lines cost $20/month and $10/month for wearables. 4 lines under the Unlimited Choice plans, will cost you less than $40 per line per month. These prices are listed after the $5 autopay discount each month.

DirecTV Discount when you choose AT&T Unlimited Plus

AT&T Mobility and DirecTV have come together to bring your TV watching experience to the next level. With the Unlimited Plus plan, you are eligible to receive $25 off your monthly DirecTV bill. DirecTV has three different entertainment options to fit anyones needs. Some of the top features that come with your DirecTV plan include:

  • 1080p 4K HD resolution
  • 200 hours of DVR space and the ability to record as many as 5 shows at once
  • Streaming via the app on your mobile device

Mobile Share Advantage with an AT&T Family Plan

An AT&T Family Plan has anywhere from 1 GB of data per month up to 100 GB to fit your familys needs. There are no monthly overage fees but browsing speeds may be throttled after 22GB.

Why Should I Choose an AT&T Family Plan?

Some of the top benefits of an AT&T family plan are:

  • Shareable data on 10 devices
  • No overage fees for exceeding your monthly data threshold
  • Unused data rolls over to the next month
  • Stream saver
  • Unlimited domestic calling and texting
  • Unlimited calling and texting to Canada and Mexico with the 10 GB or higher plan

How much does an AT&T Family Plan cost?

AT&T Family Plans starts at $30/month for 1 GB and maxes out at 100GB of data for $450/month. There is a monthly device charge of $20. Under a two year contract, this charge is $40/month. Other smart devices such as tablets, wearables, and laptops costs between $10 and $20 each month to add.

What uses up my data?

In order to help customers better understand how their data is used, AT&T created a chart that breaks down what activities can be done at different allotments:

With 4 GB Data

  • Send 3,600 Emails
  • Surf the web for 114 hours
  • Stream 5 hour of SD video content
  • Stream 34 hours of music
  • Download 40 apps/songs/games

With 10 GB Data

  • Send 10,400 Emails
  • Surf the web for 286 hours
  • Stream 11 hour of SD video content
  • Stream 86 hours of music
  • Download 100 apps/songs/games

Why should I pick AT&T Mobility over the competition?

AT&T Mobility has all the top features you look for in a mobile provider. The top services that AT&T offers customers are:

  • Parental Controls
  • Calling and Voice
  • Enhanced Driving
  • Payment Plans
  • Insurance Plans

Parental Control options for monitoring your kids

Smart Limits

AT&T Smart Limits gives you the ability to monitor daily phone activity for anyone on your plan. Smart Limits costs $4.99/month for the first line or $9.99/month for as many as 10 lines. The app is available on your iOS or Android device and allows you to:

  • Block or limit cellular data usage
  • Switch usage to wifi only after a certain amount of data has been used
  • Create texting and spending limits
  • Block certain numbers
  • Limit phone usage during certain times of the day

Family Map

The AT&T Family Map lets you see the location of 10 cell phones at any given time. The first month is free and then after the cost is $9.99/month for 10 lines. The Family Map allows you to:

  • View everyones location on an interactive map
  • Setup schedules to get location updates
  • Define places as safe spots and get notifications when the assigned person arrives
  • Locate stolen or lost phone
  • Create a list of favorite locations and assign them names
  • See travel history of family members

Purchase Blocker

The Purchase Blocker is included with your AT&T wireless plan. It allows you block purchases that are made by your smart phone, like subscriptions and buying apps. It is important to note that if the purchase blocker is turned on, all current subscriptions will be canceled.

AT&T Mobility Phone Payments

AT&T Next and Next Every Year help make it easier for you to get the latest AT&T Mobile phones for $0 down. AT&T Next divides your phone payment by 30 months, with an upgrade available after 80% (24 months) of the phone is paid off. Next Every Year is broken up into 24 monthly payments and after 50% (12 months) of the phone is paid off you are eligible for an upgraded phone. Both plans might require a 30% down payment on the price pending a credit check. You do have option to end your payment plan at anytime by paying off the remaining balance due.

Enhanced AT&T Driving Features

AT&T Navigator

The AT&T Navigator improves upon your basic maps for just $9.99/month. The benefits of AT&T's upgraded Navigator feature are:

  • Download maps to view when you do not have access to data
  • Send your ETA to your mobile contacts
  • Multiple route options to avoid congestion
  • Enter your destination with the voice-input
  • Redeem deals from nearby shops and restaurants

AT&T Drive Mode

The Drive Mode app is a free feature the silences incoming alerts and auto replies to incoming texts so friend and family know that you cannot answer the phone. Changing the music or looking at the navigational map can be easily accessed with one touch on the home screen. Parents are able to make sure their kids are driving safely by setting up alerts for when drive mode is deactivated.

Roadside assistance

For just $2.99/month/phone AT&T's roadside assistance gives you the peace of mind while driving. In the event of an incident AT&T roadside assistance provides the following services:

  • Towing for breakdowns
  • Jump start for dead battery
  • Flat-tire help
  • Gas delivery (up to 3 gallons of gas or diesel)
  • Pop-a-lock service
  • Lost key replacement

Voicemail and calling features

Upgraded Push To Talk

AT&T's enhanced push to talk (PTT) feature allows for easy one-on-one chats or group communication of up 250 people. In the event of an emergency or when you trying to manage a large group of people, you have peace of mind know that AT&T's reliable 4G network is one push away. This feature is an additional $5/month.

Upgraded Voicemail

The enhanced voicemail feature makes sure that your voicemails never go unanswered. For just $1.99/month you get all the standard voicemail features plus double storage, 1 minute longer voicemails, and 7 extra days of storage.

Visual Voicemail

With visual voicemails, you can store and listen to 40 voicemails by viewing them in an email like list on your phone. Schedule callbacks and manage voicemail features from one spot.

AT&T Insurance Plans

Protect Plus app

AT&T knows that you want to keep your personal information safe and not be bothered with spam calls. The AT&T Call Protect app gives you control over who contacts you by:

  • Automatically blocking calls from fraudulent networks
  • Sending warnings for potential fraud calls when they come in
  • Manual phone number

ProTech Support

ProTech easily connects you with technical support through the Protect Plus app. They can help you set up a new phone by transferring data, setting up bluetooth, showing you basic phone navigation, and troubleshooting any errors.

AT&T Wireless Insurance plans

Mobile Insurance- $7.99/month per mobile account

  • Covers smartphone or tablet against theft, loss, physical and water damage, and malfunctions that are out of warranty
  • As soon as next day replacement
  • 25%-50% off your replacement deductible if there is no claims for 6 consecutive months

Mobile Protection Pack- $10.99/month per mobile account

  • Covers smartphone or tablet against theft, loss, physical and water damage, and malfunctions that are out of warranty
  • As soon as next day replacement
  • 25%-50% off your replacement deductible if you go 6 consecutive months without a claim
  • One-tap access to ProTech Support
  • Protect Plus app with 50 GB of secure storage

Multi- Device Protection Pack- $29.99/month per mobile account

  • All the benefits of the first two tiers but for multiple device use

AT&T Wireless Contract Terms

AT&T usually has 12 month and 24 month contract options. If you decide to break your contract before the end date, you may be subject to early termination fees (ETFs) of either $150 minus $4 dollars for each month fulfilled or $325 minus $10 for each month fulfilled. You have a 14 day period where you may cancel your service without paying ETFs. If you cancel within 3 days, any activation fees will be refunded. You will be charged on a monthly basis. Any late payments are subject to a $5 fee. Upon purchasing your mobile phone or plan, you are in agreement to all terms and conditions.

Availability Overview


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AT&T Mobility is available in 45 states.

AT&T Mobility

Contact AT&T Mobility

208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202

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