What You Need to Know About Moving to New York

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Are you planning a move to the Big Apple or somewhere else in the Empire State? There are vastly different sets of expectations for a move to the big city or a move to Upstate New York, which can be more rural. While there are big cities in upstate New York like Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany and Rochester, none compare to New York City, which is the largest city in population in the country. In fact, outside the city, the majority of the state is small towns and farmland.

Some random things you need to know before your move are as follows.

  • A car is an inconvenience if you chose to live in New York City as parking is truly a struggle and is very expensive. The subway, cabs and walking are the standard modes of transportation in the city. However, if you live in upstate New York, a car is a must- have.
  • The noise level in New York City is always high due to traffic, people, and the endless activity.
  • There is an abundance of incredible cultural opportunities in New York City, which is perfect for both residents and those who live outside the city and can conveniently travel there to take in events.
  • Winter is harsh in all parts of New York. Be prepared for it.
  • The cost of living is incredibly high in New York City. Yet housing and other essential costs are extremely affordable in upstate New York.
  • Sports is serious business, especially pro sports like hockey, baseball, and football.
  • Food is also a serious affair, because much of the best food is found here.
  • Fall is the absolute best season in New York. Gorgeous scenery, perfect temperatures, abundant harvest, festivals, and more make it the season that everyone loves.

As you prepare for your big move and learn about what to expect in your new community, take the time to investigate some of the services offered there. High speed Internet, cable and phone choices in the Big Apple are excellent. There are an abundance of providers offering some of the best service in the country. Even in upstate New York cities, there are excellent choices in home services. However, rural New Yorkers face much fewer options for fast Internet, TV and phone service. In fact there are still areas without cable Internet or DSL service.

When you are choosing the location of your new home in the Empire State, be sure to check out the options available to you in Internet, TV and phone service. Using a search tool that finds providers by zip code will allow you to pinpoint exactly what is available, the different plans to choose from, and the cost of the service you want for your home.

Good luck with your move to New York.