What You Need to Know About Moving to South Carolina

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Moving to South Carolina is a dream come true for many. Coastal South Carolina is an especially alluring part of the state, with its beaches, marshes, and ports. However, it's perfectly sized cities are also a huge draw for many young professionals.

  • Charleston is rich with history and offers much to residents and visitors. It was integral to the Civil war and the American Revolution, and has many sites dedicated to them. The architecture of the city is unique and welcoming, making it a popular location for moving to.
  • Coastal communities like Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Head are thriving in warmer months, to the point of being congested with tourists. The colder months are much quieter, but there are also fewer businesses and services available because there are many that exist only to serve tourists.
  • Housing prices in most of South Carolina are significantly lower than many other states, which helps to contribute to a significantly lower cost of living.
  • The job situation in South Carolina is very promising especially in cities like Columbia, Tock Hill, Charleston, and Greenville. The state average is lower than the national industry and with the set-up of more large companies, urban job opportunities have grown.
  • There are impressive museums, arts venues, festivals and more for those looking for culture.
  • College sports are where it's at, especially in the rivalry that's more than a century old between Clemson and the University of South Carolina.
  • South Carolina has its hallmark foods that you will need to try, and maybe even adopt, such as hot sauce as a major condiment, sweet tea, blue crab, hush puppies, mustard-based BBQ sauce, biscuits, shrimp and grits, boiled peanuts, and oyster roasts.
  • Breathtaking greenery such as huge, decades old trees draped with Spanish moss.
  • South Carolina still has a slower pace of life than most other states and unspoiled natural beauty.
  • There are incredible options for outdoor activities in the mountains, on the beach, the golf course, and beyond.
  • Rockers on front porches are trademark South Carolina style.
  • The climate of South Carolina is idyllic. It has long hot summers and short mild winters. Snow is rare, especially in low-lying and coastal parts of the country. Yet, residents get to enjoy four distinctly different seasons, and for those craving snow, a roadtrip to the mountains in the northwest part of the state provide a fast fix.
  • Your home service options in the Palmetto State vary greatly depending on where you live. High speed Internet and premium TV is offered by a variety of providers in the more populated areas of the state, but in rural areas, often the best and one of the only options is satellite TV or satellite Internet. With it you have quality options that give you more reliable, quality access regardless of where you choose to move in South Carolina.

Once you're settled on your new hometown, do research on great places to go to eat out, groups to join and other information specific to the region. The more you learn, the easier your adjustment will be.