Xfinity Plans and Pricing

Internet starting at
a month for 12 months
  • Xfinity offers plans with 260+ digital channels and Xfinity On DemandTM
  • Download speeds up to 2Gbps
  • Plans available with no minimum term contract
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Most Popular Plans

X1 Starter Double Play

$94.99* a month
for the first 24 months with a 2-yr agreement.

140+ digital channels

  • FX, Nickelodeon, HGTV, ESPN, and more...
  • Download speeds up to 100Mbps
  • FREE access to millions of WiFi hotspots
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X1 Preferred Double Play

$114.99* a month
for the first 24 months with a 2-yr agreement.

220+ digital channels

  • NFL Network, NHL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, and more...
  • Download speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Xfinity on Demand Programming
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X1 Premier Triple Play

$164.99* a month
for the first 24 months with a 2-yr agreement.

260+ digital channels

  • HBO©, Showtime©, Starz©, Cinemax©, and TMC©
  • Download speeds up to 150Mbps
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
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Xfinity Reviews

Xfinity's Features


Xfinity's X1 DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to record your favorite shows and view them anywhere, even on the go offline. You can record up to 6 shows simultaneously and have 500GB of cloud storage space, so you never have to worry about running out of space.

Xfinity On Demand

Xfinity's On Demand service allows you to watch select programming at any time, regardless of if you have previously recorded it. You can view this On Demand programming from your television, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Xfinity Stream App

Xfinity allows you to turn your favorite smart device into a virtual TV screen with their new streaming application. Xfinity Stream allows you to watch your favorite live shows, sporting events, movies, and recorded content anywhere at anytime. In addition to viewing live streaming content, you can download and view any past recordings that you have made with your X1 DVR.

Company Info

Xfinity Facts

Comcast is the largest cable TV (television) provider and home Internet provider in the United States. It was founded in 1963 by Ralph Roberts under the name American Cable Systems and in 1990 was re-incorporated under the name Comcast Corporation. As the largest cable provider in the United States, Comcast delivers multiple cable packages that allow you to bundle Internet, TV, and Home Phone. Xfinity currently serves 40 states in the US. Offering some of the fastest Internet speeds in the country, it's easy to understand why so many people choose Comcast as their Internet Service Provider.

Comcast offers over 18 million hotspots across the nation for their current subscribers.

Comcast is currently utilized in 27.8 million homes throughout the United States.

Outside of traditional bundles, Comcast now also offers home security to its customers.

Despite being rated as the Worst Company in America via The Consumerist Award in 2010, the FCC's American Broadband Study unveiled that Comcast consistently delivers over 100% of their advertised speeds.

Xfinity Internet Plans

Plan NamePrice*Contract LengthDownload SpeedOrder
Performance Starter Internet$29.99/mo12 months10Mbps
Performance Starter Internet (No Contract)$49.99/mo
for 12/mo
No Contract10Mbps
Performance Internet$34.99/mo12 months25Mbps
Blast! Internet$44.99/mo12 months100Mbps
Extreme 150 Internet$64.99/mo12 months150Mbps
Extreme 150 Internet (No Contract)$74.99/mo
for 12/mo
No Contract150Mbps
Gigabit Internet$69.99/mo24 months1000Mbps
Gigabit Internet (No Contract)$139.95/mo
for 12/mo
No Contract1000Mbps
Xfinity Gigabit Pro$299.95/mo24 months2000Mbps

Xfinity Double Play Bundles

Plan NamePrice*Contract LengthDownload SpeedChannelsOrder
X1 Starter Double Play$94.99/mo24 months75Mbps140+
X1 Starter Double Play (No Contract)$104.99/mo
for 12/mo
No Contract75Mbps140+
X1 Preferred Double Play$114.99/mo24 months100Mbps220+
X1 Preferred Double Play (No Contract)$124.99/mo
for 12/mo
No Contract100Mbps220+
X1 Premier Double Play$154.99/mo24 months75Mbps260+
X1 Premier Double Play (No Contract)$164.99/moNo Contract75Mbps260+
X1 Starter Latino Double Play$84.99/mo24 months75Mbps200+
X1 Starter Latino Double Play (No Contract)$94.99/moNo Contract75Mbps200+

Xfinity Triple Play Bundles

Plan NamePrice*Contract LengthDownload SpeedChannelsVoiceOrder
X1 Starter Triple Play$94.99/mo12 months100Mbps140+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Starter Triple Play (No Contract)$114.99/moNo Contract100Mbps140+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Preferred Triple Play$124.99/mo24 months75Mbps220+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Preferred Triple Play (No Contract)$134.99/moNo Contract75Mbps220+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Preferred Plus Triple Play$144.99/mo24 months150Mbps230+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Preferred Plus Triple Play (No Contract)$154.99/moNo Contract150Mbps230+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Premier Triple Play$164.99/mo24 months150Mbps260+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Premier Triple Play (No Contract)$174.99/moNo Contract150Mbps260+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Starter Latino Triple Play$94.99/mo12 months75Mbps200+Unlimited Nationwide
X1 Starter Latino Triple Play (No Contract)$124.99/moNo Contract75Mbps200+Unlimited Nationwide

Comcast Business Internet Plans

Plan NamePrice*Contract LengthDownload SpeedOrder
Business Starter Internet$69.95/mo24 months16Mbps
Deluxe 25 Internet$99.95/mo24 months25Mbps
Deluxe 50 Internet$109.95/mo24 months50Mbps
Deluxe 75 Internet$149.95/mo24 months75Mbps
Deluxe 100 Internet$199.95/mo24 months100Mbps
Deluxe 150 Internet$249.95/mo24 months150Mbps
Business Internet 500$399.95/mo24 months500Mbps
Business Internet 1G$499.95/mo24 months1000Mbps

Comcast Business Internet and Phone Bundles

Plan NamePrice*Contract LengthDownload SpeedVoiceOrder
Business Starter Internet + Phone$89.90/mo24 months16MbpsBusiness Phone
Deluxe 25 Internet + Phone$109.90/mo24 months25MbpsBusiness Phone
Deluxe 50 Internet + Phone$129.90/mo24 months50MbpsBusiness Phone
Deluxe 75 Internet + Phone$169.90/mo24 months75MbpsBusiness Phone
Deluxe 100 Internet + Phone$209.90/mo24 months100MbpsBusiness Phone
Deluxe 150 Internet + Phone$259.90/mo24 months150MbpsBusiness Phone
Business Internet 500 + Phone$409.90/mo24 months500MbpsBusiness Phone
Business Internet 1G + Phone$509.90/mo24 months1000MbpsBusiness Phone

Xfinity from Comcast Offers - Terms and Conditions

* Geographic and service restrictions apply. Advertised pricing may vary by location. Listed pricing is based on advertised nationwide rates. Call now to speak with an authorized associate directly to verify availability and pricing.

For the full terms and conditions please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your speed, Xfinity offers internet plans that range from $29.99/mo to $299.95/mo. Xfinity offers TV packages that range from $24.99/month to $124.99/mo. You can also get bundled Double Play and Triple Play bundles, which range from $94.99/mo to $174.99/mo.

Comcast offers a wide range of internet plans to support everyone's needs. They offer cable plans to support speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 300 Mbps and Fiber Plans with speeds that can reach 1Gbps and 2Gbps.

Xfinity offers both Cable and Fiber Internet connections. Most users will find that a cable connection provides plenty of speed for average usage, but some users may benefit from a Fiber connection. Users that fall into this category are those, who heavily game, stream, and work with large files from home.

Most Comcast internet plans provide customers with 1 terabyte of data. For a customer to exceed this data cap, they would have to watch Netflix in excess of five hours each day. If you do go over the 1 terabyte cap in a given month 50Gb of additional data will be billed to your account at a rate of $10 per 50Gb block. This overage fee will not exceed $200 dollars in a given month though. For users that frequently go over the data cap there is an Unlimited Data Option for an exra $50 per month. If you are concerned about your individual usage you can check your monthly usage amounts with Comcast's Usage Meter.

Comcast offers you the option to install your own service or for a fee ($60), you can have a technician perform the installation. In order to connect to Comcast internet, you will a modem, a power cord, and a coaxial cable. You can rent a modem from Comcast for a fee of $10/month or provide your own to save $120/year. If you are not connecting with WiFi, you will also need an ethernet cord. Additionally, if you choose Comcast as your cable TV provider, you will need an Xfinity set-top box, a power cord, a coax cable, and a video cable. Comcast will provide you with a remote for your cable box.

Xfinity Service Statistics

Provider Information / Availability

  • Xfinity from Comcast is ranked #10 of the largest provider in the U.S., in terms of availability to customers.
  • Xfinity from Comcast offers Internet service to approximately 112,890,629 people in 731 counties over 35 states.
  • Xfinity from Comcast offers Internet service via the following technologies: Cable and Fiber

  • Population Served: 112,890,629
  • Housing Units: 48,153,302
  • Total area: 84,234 (sq miles)
  • Population Density: 1,340 (people per sq mile)

What You Need to Know about the Fine Print

The Fine Print - Xfinity Legal Documents

Xfinity offers a variety of plans, which do not require a term based agreement. There are certain promotions and deals, which do require a commitment for a duration of 12 or 24 months. Please refer to the Cable Customer Agreement for specific information regarding your plan. Comcast's internet plans have enforced data caps in some areas, but most users should not have to worry about utilizing more than 1TB of data within a given billing cycle. The penalty for a data overage is an additional charge for the amount of data, which exceeded your cap.

Xfinity is available in 40 states.

Top 10 cities serviced by Xfinity

CityMax DownloadMax UploadBroadband TypeCoverage
Chicago, IL2 Gbps20 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
Houston, TX2 Gbps25 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
Philadelphia, PA2 Gbps10 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
San Jose, CA2 Gbps25 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
Jacksonville, FL2 Gbps20 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
Indianapolis, IN2 Gbps20 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
San Francisco, CA2 Gbps25 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
Detroit, MI2 Gbps20 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
Nashville, TN2 Gbps35 MbpsCable, Television and Phone
Memphis, TN2 Gbps20 MbpsCable, Television and Phone

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