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DIRECTV Plans and Pricing

Television starting at
a month for 24 months
  • DIRECTV offers plans with 325+ digital channels and DIRECTV On DemandTM
  • HD DVR service in up to 4 Rooms with DIRECTV Genie©
  • Record 5 Shows at once and store up to 200 hours of HD.
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Most Popular Plans

Select with Internet

$70.00 a month for 24 months.

150+ digital channels

  • HBO©, Showtime©, Starz©, and Cinemax© for 3 months
  • Download speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Wi-Fi Gateway router included
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Select with Internet and Phone

$89.99 a month for 24 months.

150+ digital channels

  • HBO©, Showtime©, Starz©, and Cinemax© for 3 months
  • Download speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Unlimited Nationwide Voice
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Select + AT&T Unlimited PlusSM

$105.00 a month for 24 months.

150+ digital channels

  • HBO© Included
  • 22GB of Priority Data
  • 10GB of Mobile Hotspot
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  • Support Phone Number:(800) 531-5000
  • Service Types:Television

DIRECTV's Features

Genie© HD DVR

Record up to 5 shows at a time and store up to 200 hours of High Definition programming with the DIRECTV Genie.


Access some your favorite movies and shows at anytime with On Demand programming also available on the DIRECTV app.

DIRECTV 72 Hour Rewind

DIRECTV Rewind allows you to watch any shows that have aired in the last 3 days at your convienence.

Company Info


DIRECTV is a digital satellite television company based out of El Segundo, California that offers a variety of satellite television plans in the United States. AT&T purchased DIRECTV on July 24, 2015 for $48.5 billion and significantly increased the company's network and offerings.

DIRECTV Satellite Television Plans

Plan NamePriceContract LengthChannels
Select$40.00/mo24 months150+
Entertainment$45.00/mo24 months155+
Choice$50.00/mo24 months185+
Xtra$60.00/mo24 months230+
Ultimate$65.00/mo24 months245+
Premier$115.00/mo24 months325+

DIRECTV and AT&T Internet Bundles

Plan NamePriceContract LengthDownload SpeedChannels
Select with Internet$70.00/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps150+
Entertainment with Internet$75.00/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps155+
Choice with Internet$80.00/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps185+
Xtra with Internet$90.00/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps230+
Ultimate with Internet$95.00/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps245+
Premier with Internet$145.00/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps325+

DIRECTV, AT&T Internet, and Phone Bundles

Plan NamePriceContract LengthDownload SpeedChannelsVoice
Select with Internet and Voice$89.99/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps150+Unlimited Nationwide
Entertainment with Internet and Voice$94.99/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps155+Unlimited Nationwide
Choice with Internet and Voice$99.99/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps185+Unlimited Nationwide
Xtra with Internet and Voice$109.99/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps230+Unlimited Nationwide
Ultimate with Internet and Voice$114.99/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps245+Unlimited Nationwide
Premier with Internet and Voice$164.99/mo24 monthsup to 100Mbps325+Unlimited Nationwide

DIRECTV Business Television Plans

Plan NamePriceContract LengthChannels
Business Select Pack$19.99/mo24 months85+
Business Entertainment Pack$54.99/mo24 months90+
Business Xtra Pack$64.99/mo24 months140+

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your plan, DIRECTV offers tv plans that range from $40.00/mo to $115.00/mo.

DIRECTV has a dedicated 4K Ultra HD channel that is available to customers 24/7, but requres the Model HR54 Genie and a compatible 4k Television. DIRECTV's HD Receivers also allow you to view over 195 channels in High Definition.

DIRECTV gives customers a choice of 6 plans to meet their TV watching habits. The prices range between $50.00 - $125.00, and each plan comes with three months of free HBO, STARZ, Showtime, and Cinemax. The plans are named as follows: Select, Entertainment, Choice, XTRA, Ultimate, Premier.

DIRECTV Service Statistics

Provider Information / Availability

  • Population Served: 320,184,956
  • Housing Units:
  • Total area: (sq miles)
  • Population Density: (people per sq mile)

What You Need to Know about the Fine Print

The Fine Print - DIRECTV Legal Documents

DIRECTV television plans all require a 24 month service agreement. An early termination fee will be charged at a rate of $20/mo for each month remaining on the contract, if you terminate service before the full duration of the 24 months in completed. Promotional pricing may also change after this period. Additionally you should make sure to be aware that premium movie channels included free for 3 months, will be renewed and billed, unless cancelled.

High Definition Television by DIRECTV is Available Everywhere!

Top 10 cities serviced by DIRECTV

CityMax DownloadMax UploadBroadband TypeCoverage
New York, NY0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
Los Angeles, CA0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
Chicago, IL0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
Houston, TX0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
Philadelphia, PA0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
Phoenix, AZ0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
San Antonio, TX0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
San Diego, CA0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
Dallas, TX0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision
San Jose, CA0 Mbps0 MbpsTelevision

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