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T-Mobile Internet Plans and Pricing


T-Mobile Internet Plans and Pricing

T-Mobile is ranked #8 of the largest provider in the U.S., in terms of availability to customers.

T-Mobile offers Internet service to approximately 251,325,700 people in 1,845 counties over 44 states.

T-Mobile offers Internet service via the following technology: Mobile.

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T-Mobile Information

With its parent company based out of Germany in Europe, T-Mobile is the third largest mobile broadband provider in the United States. With an expansive network, T-Mobile currently reaches 98% of American citizens, and has over 63 million customers. Furthermore, T-Mobile also offers service through its subsidiary- MetroPCS.

T-Mobile Facts

•Currently, T-Mobile will help ease the costs of switching wireless providers by buying out your family’s existing contract for up to $650 per line.
•Wireless coverage currently extends throughout the North American continent including the US, Canada, and Mexico.
•There are no contracts with T-Mobile and unused data will roll over to the subsequent month.
•Through the popular Binge On feature, a user of Sprint can stream video through services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now without any data limitations.

Availability Overview





The Fine Print

There are no annual service contracts. You can cancel anytime and your service is billed monthly. Logging into your online account lets you check your current service allotments like minutes, text messages and data usage. Any disputed charges on your bill must be brought to T-Mobile’s attention within 60 after the date you first received the disputed bill or charge.

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T-Mobile Rankings
T-Mobile is the fourth largest cellular phone and mobile broadband provider in the United States. Aside from their service, they provide customers with a trained customer service department that is available 24/7 through their 800-number. On their website, they give you the ability to manage your account and pay your bill to make your life easier. Their pricing is middle of the road for mobile broadband and they require a 24-month contract that is almost unescapable.
Customer Service8
Ease of Installation9
Account Management8
Technology & Equipment6
Contract Terms3

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T-Mobile provides the following:

Top cities served by T-Mobile

T-Mobile is available in the following cities:

  • Austin, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • Bronx, NY
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Columbus, OH
  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Detroit, MI
  • El Paso, TX
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Memphis, TN
  • New York, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Washington, DC